CNN Obscenely Helps Lincoln Project Massage Their Tiki Torch Smear

CNN Obscenely Helps Lincoln Project Massage Their Tiki Torch Smear
Chris Cuomo and Lincoln Project's Stuart Stevens. Credit: CNN screenshot

Terry McAuliffe has not been doing well going into the last weekend before the election on Tuesday. His polls have crashed while Youngkin is surging and his campaign is facing more allegations of wrongdoing with election finance problems and his spokesperson being accused of old racist tweets.

On top of all that, his supporters got caught in a nasty smear attempt against Glenn Youngkin – sending tiki torch bearers out to Youngkin’s campaign bus at a rally, pretending to be Youngkin supporters while also playacting at being white supremacists. McAuliffe campaign folks immediately spread the smear. Even Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) spread it, proving once again that you don’t have to be intelligent to be on the House Intelligence Committee.

Except it was obviously phony from the jump because among the five “white supremacist” play actors, there was a black man. That didn’t stop the McAuliffe people from using it and trying to slam Youngkin as a racist because of it even though it was their supporters trying to manipulate the feelings of Virginians, reminding them of the 2017 incident with extremists carrying tiki torches. The Lincoln Project – who has been all in for McAuliffe – took the blame for the incident once people started identifying the alleged Democrats involved.

So did the network media call out the Democrats and their supporters for dirty dealing and despicable action? Not at all.

Indeed, what CNN and Chris Cuomo did was put on one of the people who claimed to be behind it – Stuart Stevens of the Lincoln Project – to spread the smear even more. CNN also put on Democratic operative James Carville who said he agreed with what Stevens said about the ‘point’ they were trying to make. So much for both sides of the issue.

“The question here is not about some guys who showed up at a rally,” Stevens said. “It’s why hasn’t Glenn Youngkin denounced Donald Trump for saying that there are good people on both sides?” He crowed about using the Charlottesville incident which has nothing to do with Youngkin in an ad, saying “it worked.”

This of course is propagating a long debunked false story about what President Donald Trump said about Charlottesville at the time – he at no point called Neo-Nazis “good people” or “fine people.” His reference was to people who were protesting the tearing down of statues and obscuring history, as well as the people on the other side of the issue who wanted the statues taken down. He specifically said in the same remarks that Neo-Nazis or white supremacists should be “condemned totally.”

But now they want Youngkin to denounce a comment that Trump never made? This is how slimy they are, you can see them confessing that they have no compunction about it, and have no principles or problem with manipulating people, even if it means invoking white supremacists to do it.

Not only was there no push back against these smears from Stevens, Cuomo said, “I hear the question. It’s a legitimate one.” No, it wasn’t legitimate, and if you were a journalist you would understand it was your obligation to pushback on the smear. And that’s why Stevens did it and went on CNN, to get CNN to give him air and say exactly what Cuomo said – when the claim about Trump is as phony as their tiki torchbearers. You see Stevens nod then, he got what he was aiming to get.

Cuomo repeats the Democrats’ claim they weren’t involved, not bringing up the questions of the alleged identifications of some of the five ‘white supremacists’ as Democrats. Carville then claims the Lincoln Project was independent and then goes on to say he agreed with what Stevens said – that it was to “illustrate a point that Youngkin has not denounced Trump saying there were ‘fine people on both sides’ in Charlottesville.”

This was bad not just because of the false spinning of both Stevens and Carville, but CNN should know it was debunked because among the people who debunked it was Jake Tapper.

So that means when CNN repeats this – calling it a good point, without any pushback, knowing better – they’re actively pushing something they know to be false and helping McAuliffe and the Democrats. By the way, where’s the actual Republican representation on this issue in this segment? Cuomo has the “Republican” guy who was allegedly behind the smear. That’s your “Republican” representation. Where’s the chyron underneath this segment saying “this is an in-kind contribution to the campaign of Terry McAuliffe” because not only does this segment show how bankrupt the Lincoln Project and the Democrats are, it shows how bankrupt and deceitful CNN is.

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