New Fox Poll Explains Stunning Reversal: Youngkin Bursting Ahead, McAuliffe Collapsing

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There’s been a major shift when it comes to the governor’s race in Virginia over the past two weeks.

As we reported earlier, now the Real Clear Politics average of polls is showing Youngkin ahead of Terry McAuliffe for the first time just a few short days before the election.


That’s in part due to a stunning Fox poll which shows Youngkin up over McAuliffe by eight percent. As Fox notes, that’s basically a complete reversal of the race from two weeks ago. It was 51-46% with McAuliffe up two weeks ago. Now, however, it’s Youngkin up, 53-45% among likely voters.

That’s a stunning move within two weeks and it’s beyond the margin of error. Youngkin also leads with registered voters, by one percent.

The difference has been the education questions which are powering up the GOP base, as well as bringing in independents and even Democrats. McAuliffe is still trying to defend his campaign-killing comment that parents “shouldn’t be telling schools what they should teach.” Meanwhile, 79 percent of Youngkin supporters are “extremely” interested in the election compared to 69 percent of McAuliffe supporters.

Another big switch is the view of parents who had McAuliffe ahead two weeks ago by 10 and now have Youngkin ahead by 14. That’s a huge shift, with Youngkin the person they trust more on education by 12 points.

Once they really began looking at him and McAuliffe, they apparently liked what they had to see about Youngkin and not just on education.

According to the Fox poll, he’s also moved up to even on the coronavirus (from 12 points down), economy (up by 11 from tied), handling crime (up by 12).


Biden is underwater in Virginia and that’s going to hurt McAuliffe. Indeed, his approval numbers, 43-56% look similar to the poll numbers we’re talking about today in the governor’s race.

It’s a big indictment of the failure to listen to parents and what they care about. That’s biting McAuliffe and right at the most critical time in the campaign. He’s also not doing a great job when he continues to insult voters. It’s still going to be very tight but this is an astonishing move that shows Youngkin can take this and it’s going to further energize up the Republican base.


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