Joe Biden's Own Staff Fact-Checked Him in Real-Time Last Night

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

This is the kind of thing I’d assume was parody if I didn’t have the proof sitting right in front of me.

Last night, Joe Biden went on CNN to participate in a highly-scripted, highly-friendly “town hall” in which pre-selected questions were posed to him. As RedState reported, he shifted from egregious lies to trashing the American ideal of freedom as the event drug on. In other words, it was basically like every other Biden public appearance.


Apparently, his performance even tweaked his handlers. In an astonishing bit of news, White House staffers were actually fact-checking the president in real-time.

The first example is about Biden’s proclamation that he’s considering deploying the National Guard to help with the supply chain crisis. How exactly that would work, he has yet to explain. Are we going to have soldiers driving box trucks? Where are the trucks going to come from? How, exactly, would the National Guard organize such a system to get the products to thousands of different retailers? Who would assume the liability involved? The idea is just dumb on its face. It’s the kind of thing a president just says because they have no good ideas and want to pretend as if they’ve still got a move left in their pocket.

The White House apparently realized Biden had gotten out of his skis. They not only corrected who has the authority to call up the National Guard, but they explicitly said that there is no discussion of any deployment from the federal level. The president was either lying or just has no idea what he’s talking about. Probably both to some degree.

Biden also stumbled over a question about raising taxes and defending Taiwan, both of which drew corrections from White House officials. The latter is important because it shows that while Biden may have an old-school idea about honoring the treaty between the US and Taiwan, it doesn’t appear those that work for him share the same thought. Why put out a clarification at all claiming nothing has changed if Biden was simply stating what was already policy? That says to me that Biden overstepped his handlers and that his administration might not actually defend Taiwan in the case of a Chinese attack.


Overall, I’ve just never seen anything like this. Biden is so not in control of his own presidency that his own staff are contradicting him in real-time. In more sane times, that would be a major story. Joe Biden, for better or worse (for worse), was inaugurated back in January of 2021. His handlers weren’t, yet they seem to be in total control of the messaging and decision-making. There’s something really unsettling about that.


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