Watch: The First Official Utterance of ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Has Been Made on the House Floor

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The “Let’s Go Brandon” (code for “F*** Joe Biden”) phenomenon has been a fascinating trend to watch unfold in recent weeks, and on Thursday, it officially made its way to the floor of the U.S. House.


During a floor speech railing against President Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan, Rep. Bill Posey (R-Fla.) began by stating that “the President’s theme ‘Build Back Better’ just can’t pass the straight-face test.”

“In reality,” he suggested, “it’s like a ‘Demolish America Faster’ agenda. “If you really think it builds America back better,” he continued, “your view of America is different than most of the people I know.”

Posey then talked about how he remembered a time when people could speak freely on college campuses, school boards, and elsewhere without fear of being targeted by the Department of Justice or via Big Tech and the media “colluding” to cancel them. The terms “wokeness,” “entitlement-itis,” and “Trumphobia” were also used to describe the current state of things in America during the pandemic, which Posey insinuated was not the America this country needed to be.

It’s what Posey said at the conclusion of his speech that’s gotten the most attention, however.

“It’s not hard to see where you’re coming from,” Posey stated towards Democrats in general as well as Biden. “Based upon the false promise that he would unify America, Biden got into the Oval Office … but we all know the unification promise was a lie. And your majority is going to be short-lived.”


Noting people were “frustrated, angry” and “not going to sit back and take it much longer,” Posey said Americans don’t want Biden’s agenda. “They want you to help put America back where you found it and leave it the hell alone. Let’s go, Brandon.” Posey finished by raising his fist in a mock “cheering” motion.

Watch the moment, which I think is a “first” for the slogan in Congress, below:

As we previously reported, the “Let’s go Brandon” chant originated after a NASCAR race earlier this month that saw driver Brandon Brown take the checkered flag. As he was being interviewed, “F*** Joe Biden” chants could be heard in the background, as has been the case at numerous sporting events over the last couple of months. The reporter interviewing him laughably suggested that the fans in attendance were chanting “Let’s go, Brandon,” even though it was obvious they were chanting something else.


Watch (language warning):

Even more hilariously, Brandon Brown himself got in on the action, tweeting this a couple of days later:

Back to Posey, for anyone interested, his full three and a half minute speech from yesterday can be viewed here:

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