Biden Mocks Freedom in Twisted Train Wreck of a Town Hall

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Somehow, someone made the decision to let Joe Biden out and to go to a CNN town hall.

I’m not sure who thought this was a good idea. But even within the friendly confines of CNN, it was a complete train wreck — even by Biden standards.


Naturally, most of the questions from folks in the audience were Democrats or softball questions. But there were some highlights and it was disastrous.

Let’s start with the creepiness and the incoherence.

Here’s Joe Biden claiming that top corporations “don’t pay a cent” in taxes with that creepy stage whisper voice.

Does anyone want to tell him he’s also doing that sign that the left has deemed a white power sign? It isn’t, but they’re always freaking out about it and claiming it is. So are they going to call out Biden now?

Here he was talking about the supply chain problem because of disruptions at the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach. Except he couldn’t remember “Long Beach.”

How much is he working to solve this problem if he can’t even identify the name of the port? And how much of a problem is it when his brain just goes out on him like this? “What am I doing here?” he says. Yikes. Doesn’t he know?


Then there’s this really weird moment. What the heck is going on here with his hands? He looks like he’s about to have a fit and stops halfway.

More complete confusion — he misidentifies Rep. Kweisi Mfume (D-MD).

When you start to get into the meat of his answers (such as they were), Biden revealed he had no answers and/or just doesn’t tell the truth.

When asked about the rising gas prices he says he doesn’t have a “near term answer” and “it’s going to be hard.”

Great, the guy who promised he has an answer to everything not only has no answers, he makes problems worse with the things he does do. How about not attacking the energy industry, cutting off sources of oil that we had like the Keystone XL pipeline and today, not defending the Willow Project in Alaska that would provide us with both oil and thousands of jobs? How about not working against our energy independence or helping the Russians complete their pipelines like Nord Stream 2?


Biden claimed that wages are up but in fact, because of rising prices, the purchasing power hasn’t gotten better.

Biden also said he agrees with terminating police officers and other first responders if they didn’t comply with vaccine mandates. Welcome to chaos and anarchy and a complete disregard for the value that all these people represent to our society. Biden’s America.

In terms of dealing with the border? Hey, he just hasn’t had the time. There’s no evidence so far that he’s ever been there. But Jill has, so that should be enough, right?

However, Biden has had time to go spend most weekends since he took office in either one of his Delaware homes, including time to bask on the beach. Priorities.


When asked about the removal of a statue of Thomas Jefferson, while he stated a basic truth — that it’s up to the locality to determine what to do about such statues — he, Biden, couldn’t be bothered to say anything on behalf of one of our Founding Fathers. It’s cool with him if they pull a Stalin and just do away with history. That’s a troubling thought.

While in such a train wreck of a town hall, it’s hard to pick a “worst” moment, definitely one of the worst looks was when Biden actually mocked “freedom.” Come on, man, it’s the United States, don’t you know we don’t go for mocking freedom?

“The two things that concern me,” Biden said “One, are those who just try to make this a political issue — ‘Freedom, I have the freedom to kill you with my COVID.’ No, I mean come on, ‘Freedom?’”

Just shut up and comply with Big Brother, you peasants, how dare you think you are free from having the government mandate injections into your body! Stop with that “freedom” stuff! The vaccine doesn’t prevent the transmission and vaccinated can spread it as well. Unvaccinated doesn’t necessarily mean infected. So his demonizing is once again just nonsense. Anyone who talks this way about freedom doesn’t understand the first thing about this country and should never be in this office.



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