Ric Grenell Rips Into MSNBC's Joy Reid After Apparent Homophobic Attack on Tucker Carlson

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As we previously reported, leftists completely lost it yesterday after rapper/singer Nicki Minaj tweeted a short video clip from Tucker Carlson’s program where the popular Fox News host defended Minaj against a barrage of attacks from The Usual Suspects over how she supposedly contributed to coronavirus vaccine hesitancy in series of recent tweets.


The tweets that set her critics off were those where she talked about how she was going to do more research before making a decision on whether to get the vaccine. She also alleged that her “cousin in Trinidad won’t get the vaccine cuz his friend got it & became impotent. His testicles became swollen,” a claim disputed not just by President Biden’s chief medical adviser Saint Dr. Anthony Fauci, but also Trinidad & Tobago’s Health Minister Dr. Terrence Deyalsingh.

The controversy over Minaj’s remarks caught the attention of Joy Reid, who jumped on the bandwagon against Minaj, and in the process started a war of words between the two on Tuesday.

But it was Carlson’s repeated defending of Minaj and also him inviting her cousin’s friend or that friend’s “former fiancée” onto his show for an interview that really sent Reid over the edge. During her program last night, the wacko MSNBC host proceeded to fall back on her old homophobic ways, “joking” about how she believed Carlson should closely examine the private parts of Minaj’s cousin’s friend, and how she really wanted to see it.

“I want [Carlson] to go down there like he went to Viktor Orbán and I want him to talk with that gentleman and find out why it is that his, you know, future wife left him and just how large these melons were,” Reid stated, clearly amused by the thought as were her guests. “I think he should go and find out. It’s an investigative report that we need. Go and do it, Tucker, I know you wanna. You really, really wanna.”


She seemed to realize she went too far when she closed the segment by saying she needed to “stop … before we get in trouble.”


Former acting DNI Ric Grenell, who is gay, saw Reid’s rant for what it was and called her out:

I should point out, too, for the record that Minaj also referenced the past controversies involving homophobic posts that were discovered on Reid’s old blog, although in Minaj’s case she revived the issue two days prior to Reid’s segment about Carlson:


Regarding Reid’s past homophobic posts, she initially apologized for the early posts that were found, claiming they were written to mock the GOP, but she later insisted that other posts that were discovered afterwards were the result of a “hacking” of her blog, a claim very few people outside of her devoted fan base buys.

While it’s not clear if Reid will address tonight the renewed criticisms of Grenell and others over her comments last night about Carlson, one hopes that when and if she does, she’ll be able to confirm as to whether or not her audio from last night’s program was “hacked,” too. I mean that could be the only possible explanation for what she said, right? Because leftists are never guilty of what they accuse others of … or so I’ve been told, anyway.

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