Nicki Minaj Incurs the Wrath of the COVID Hive Mind

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Back in the 1990s, there was a very brief flurry of popularity for an English alt rock band named Pop Will Eat Itself. The band’s name was and is quite prescient, given the pop music and pop culture world’s present insistence on believing the myth of social media equalization between performer and fan. It should come as no surprise that the same followers who one minute are all bout the “YAAAAS SLAY KWEEN” will the very next minute turn with equal ferocity against the one they had just praised if said performer dares go against, or even appear to go against, the current party line. Such is the situation with rapper Nicki Minaj, who today was raked over the burning Twitter coals for daring to admit she had recently contracted COVID.


The matter started with Minaj replying to a fan’s tweet regarding why she didn’t attend this year’s Met Gala.

Minaj, whose son will be turning one at the end of this month, was immediately jumped for appearing to be anti-vaccine despite tweeting her support for same. Apparently telling the truth about what fellow rapper Drake told her, namely that he contracted COVID despite being vaccinated, was too much to bear.

Reading comprehension is somewhat on the wane these days, so it would seem.

Anyway, back to Minaj. She continued her story regarding the Met Gala.


Minaj accurately noted the New York City mandate regarding required proof of vaccination before attending entertainment events.

Unfortunately for Minaj, she mentioned doing her own research, which of course is strictly forbidden in The Gospel According to St. … er, Dr. Fauci:

At least Minaj has the right idea regarding prioritization of social media reactions.

Unfortunately for Minaj, this is where she went off the rails a bit.

Um … it probably wasn’t the vaccine at fault here. But back to the original story.

While there is the strong temptation to think “Okay, pop star said something less than Fulbright Scholarship quality, so what?” the incident reflects the hive mind mentality the left demands if one is to remain in pop culture’s good graces. Given how the right has lamentably almost completely run away from pop culture and abandoned the culture war on nearly all fronts, it may come as a surprise to learn those deemed “influencers” do actually influence others. The continuous abdication by the right of anything deemed tainted guarantees it will remain tainted and grow even more so.


The solution isn’t solely finding, developing, and supporting conservative artists, although that would definitely help. There also needs to be a stealth infiltration of entertainment entities, even as there needs to be one into the teaching profession, in order to offer front-line opposition to the leftist mantra and agenda. Be it even so small as a tweet, we need much more of this.

Whether one is pro- or anti-vaccine, the present rush to mandate alarmingly ineffective vaccines rushed to market should give pause for thought to even the most rabid pro-vaccine people. Social media can, and does, tag every single mention of the matter with “It’s all safe because WE SAY SO!!!” without a moment of considering those pesky facts about how the vaccine is not always safe and/or effective. But, anything other than groupthink is near violently discouraged by our self-appointed betters.

We need better betters. And get well Nicki.


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