MSNBC's Joy Reid Stoops to New Lows in Disgusting Racial Smear of Rush Limbaugh's Producer Bo Snerdley

MSNBC's Joy Reid Stoops to New Lows in Disgusting Racial Smear of Rush Limbaugh's Producer Bo Snerdley
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It was no surprise whatsoever to see the vitriol on display from supposedly compassionate Democrats and Never Trumpers when the news broke yesterday of the passing of conservative talk show legend Rush Limbaugh after his battle with stage 4 lung cancer.

Limbaugh, who was 70 at the time of his death, was for decades a frequent target of the left’s/media’s ire not so much because of the supposedly “offensive” things he said over his lengthy career but because those “offensive” things more often than not hit too close to home for his critics.

What was a bit odd, however, was in how Limbaugh’s longtime producer and friend Bo Snerdley, who is black, was treated by the media in the various reports that were filed in the aftermath of Limbaugh’s death. For instance, here’s how the New York Times described Snerdley:

But while the New York Times can maybe/possibly be given the doubt on not knowing who Snerdley is, what shouldn’t be forgotten is the despicable swipe MSNBC’s Joy Reid took at him on her “Reidout” program last night.

During a predictable segment in which she lambasted Limbaugh for allegedly being a racist who she said in so many words was constantly dog-whistling about President Obama and other black Americans, Reid decided to reach for the gutter in how she characterized Snerdley, claiming that Limbaugh “used his black sidekick as a cover” for his supposed racism.

“[Rush] called President Obama ‘Barack the Magic Negro’ and used his black sidekick as a cover to be able to do like that kind of outright racist stuff. I mean, if any person other than Donald Trump would have been president, it would have been him, because he basically was president for the last four years,” Reid proclaimed.


For starters, the ‘Barack the Magic Negro’ thing was a reference to a 2007 piece written by an L.A. Times columnist about Obama where the term was first mentioned:

But what was worse than her willful ignorance about the context of Rush Limbaugh’s remarks was in her uncalled-for racial attack on Snerdley, basically making the worst kind of insinuation one can make of a minority who has the audacity to not toe the liberal line.

In the process, she revealed everything wrong with modern “liberalism”, especially when you consider that traditional liberalism was about respecting views that were different from your own and demonstrating an openness to entertaining different ideas.

Reid’s rant was obviously none of that. Independent thinkers are to be shamed, in her view, especially when they reject Democratic dogma. But to be quite honest, what she said about Snerdley yesterday should not be a surprise to anyone familiar with her tiresome schtick. It’s still, however, worth calling out all the same, if for no other reason than to once again prove that the left’s calls for “unity and healing” after the presidential election were about as genuine as their claims about being the party of “tolerance.”

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