Joe Biden Admits to Spreading Misinformation, So Will Banning Come Next?

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The Biden team created a furor over the past few days after Jen Psaki admitted that they had been in constant contact with Facebook flagging and trying to get people who they considered to be spreading misinformation on the Wuhan coronavirus banned. Then Joe Biden accused Facebook of “killing people,” apparently because they weren’t fully complying with banning people who spread “misinformation.”


Today, he tried to back off that a bit to not appear as authoritarian, saying he was really talking about the 12 people Jen Psaki had claimed were spreading most of the misinformation.

So, you mean Joe just admitted to misinformation? Because that’s what he just did. He claimed explicitly Facebook was killing people, now he’s trying to say they’re not killing people. Even this statement about it, he’s still spinning, when he’s supposedly trying to bring down the temperature and clean up what he said. He just can’t quite do it, he’s still trying to blame Facebook. Notice how it’s really Facebook’s fault, for “taking it personally.” Yes, how dare they take personally the fact that he said they were killing people? Shame on them! They said in response that Biden was just trying to deflect from not meeting his vaccination goals.


So can the banning be far behind, now that Joe’s admitted to spreading misinformation? His rules.

It’s a bit too late to try to clean it up now, Joe. Jen Psaki admitted to getting Facebook to censor users, There’s a small constitutional problem there and you can’t stuff the genie back in the bottle and pretend we didn’t hear it.

Not to mention — at what point did the government become the determiner of what constitutes misinformation? Especially since they are some of the biggest purveyors of it. It isn’t the government’s role to regulate information or control what we see. When they think it is, like Joe Biden and Jen Psaki seem to, that’s when you know we’re getting into some really dangerous and authoritarian territory.

Fox’s Brian Kilmeade touches on the problem in this clip that is driving the left crazy today, but he’s right.


We’re not talking about them “protecting anybody” even, we’re talking about them making a judgment about what information you have the right to see, and instead of arguing why something is misinformation, shutting it down. That’s just classic censorship, whatever the information, wrong or right. The fact that anyone would think that’s right is troubling. At what point would it then stop, for our “protection”? If someone is selling food that makes us fat, can they shut that down, “for our protection”? If they think that you’re saying something wrong (translation: right) about them, can they shut that down “for our protection”? It’s a slippery slope and they’re already far down that slope.


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