Jen Psaki Reveals Biden Administration's Orwellian Effort to Censor 'Misinformation' on Social Media

Welcome to the marriage of Big Government and Big Tech.

At this point, they are so bold, they just admit it, as Jen Psaki did during today’s briefing.


Wait, what? Yes, that’s exactly what she said. The Biden Administration — the federal government — is admitting they are flagging things they term “misinformation” to Facebook, encouraging the suppression of information with which they don’t agree.

“We’re flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation,” Psaki said. She also said they were trying to boost “trusted content.”

Listen to this clip where she’s basically saying they are trying to get Facebook to “boost” the content they want – the “trusted content,” the “quality information” – while encouraging the suppression of what she considers the “low-quality information.”


“Facebook needs to move more quickly to remove harmful, uh, violative posts.”

Who’s the fascist again? It isn’t the guy with the mean tweets trying to suppress what people have to say. It’s these people who are the scary Orwellian authoritarians. They are literally trying to control the information we see and hear so we only hear what they want us to hear. Whatever happened to the marketplace of ideas? If your ideas are superior or right and others are not, then the evidence should show that. When you want to shut down others, you are not only showing what a fascist you are, you are showing you also have no confidence in the strength of your argument.

If you think they’re stopping at “medical misinformation” in trying to get things suppressed, I have another bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. Remember Big Tech and media were the same folks who suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop story because it was supposedly “hacked material” or misinformation. They later acknowledged that was a mistake but too late, it already had its effect. Big Tech and media were also the guys who said we couldn’t hear the lab leak theory and make a judgment about it on our own. This is getting into some scary stuff here, more so when they think they can admit it and it’s somehow normal.


This comes after they admitted they wanted to censor our text messages when it came to “misinformation” about the virus. How are they even able to see them, to begin with?

But they may have just stepped in it a bit with this, at least in one respect. When they are pressuring Facebook, in regular contact with them, with all the import that the federal government can bring to bear, they could be setting the stage for Facebook being called a state actor, especially anything it does at their behest. This can boost the claims of President Donald Trump for example in his Big Tech case.


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