Ted Cruz Roasts Kamala Harris Over Disastrous Interview, Explains How Border Crisis Should Be Addressed

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My colleague Nick Arama reported earlier on a recent interview Vice President Kamala Harris did with NBC News anchor Lester Holt where she made some pretty callous comments about the border crisis that outraged those who are fed up with non-answers the Biden administration has given over the last few months when asked when she’s going to visit the border.


Harris, who President Biden named in March as his point person in charge of stemming the flow of migration from the Northern Triangle to the southern U.S. border, was asked by Holt “‘Do you have any plans to visit the border?”

Clearly exasperated by the question, Harris lied in her response. “At some point…” she began before falsely stating multiple times that “we’ve been to the border.” When Holt corrected her, Harris made what she apparently thought was a cute joke by proclaiming that she also had not been to Europe, and then saying that she didn’t understand his point.

It is not understanding the point that has been one of this administration’s biggest issues from the start regarding illegal immigration and open borders. Not understanding why – or not believing that – Trump’s strict border policies like “Remain in Mexico” were necessary, and then undoing them, unleashed the very torrent of problems we’re seeing now.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was asked about Harris’ remarks during a Fox News interview, and he got to the heart of the matter as to why she sounds like a deer in headlights on the border crisis, and explained what the Biden administration needs to do to get the problem under control.

“Everything that the has said, everything Joe Biden has said, and more importantly everything Joe and Kamala have done have sent exactly the opposite message [than the one she issued yesterday advising migrants not to visit the border],” Cruz stated.


“We’ve seen in the 5 months they’ve been in office an absolute disaster unfolding at the border,” he noted. “In that entire interview [that she did with Holt] what you don’t hear is any willingness to fix the problem. They can fix the problem tomorrow, and they can fix the problem by ending ‘catch and release’ and by reinstating the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy.”

But they won’t, he correctly pointed out, before continuing:

“And so instead, she laughs it off and says ‘well, I haven’t been to Europe.’ Well, okay, you haven’t been to Europe, you haven’t been to Australia. But we don’t have an Australian border crisis, we don’t have a border crisis in Europe. We have a border crisis on the southern border, come to Texas, come to the Rio Grande Valley, come to McAllen, come see the cages that the Biden-Harris administration has built. And then even more importantly, stand up and be willing to enforce our laws to fix it, because that’s not what they’re doing right now.”


Cruz is right on the money here. The best way for Harris to get a full grasp of what’s happening at the border is to visit it and see it first hand. You’d think she’d have no issues with this request since she made it a point to visit border areas in California when Trump was in office:


Yet she won’t now. And gets really defensive about it when asked. So odd. But as I’ve said before, Harris is simply not very good at what she does, so this should be expected. It’s absolutely unacceptable, of course, but expected nonetheless.

We have a full-blown border crisis, yet every time the Vice President is asked about it she cackles, lies, and obfuscates. That’s not how leadership is supposed to look, last I checked.

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