Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Goes After Kamala Harris for Her Border Comments

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Goes After Kamala Harris for Her Border Comments
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Kamala Harris’ recent trip to Guatemala was an absolute disaster. The vice president was met with protesters and first tried blaming climate change for the recent border crisis even as the Guatemalan president blamed Joe Biden’s policies directly.

But it was Harris’s plea with Central and Southern Americans to “not come” that perked ears up. For once, it appeared the Biden administration was doing the right thing, albeit far too late to make a difference.

Even still, that was too much for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who went rhetorically weapons-free on Harris over her comments. This per Fox News.

This is truly one of those “let them fight” moments. Harris and her boss have directly caused the current border crisis. AOC and her viewpoints have also perpetuated it. There are no good guys here.

Yet, I will note just how alter-reality AOC’s views are. Yes, it’s “legal” to claim asylum at a port of entry. But it is an abusive loophole for people to stream across the border illegally, almost all of them not having a legitimate asylum claim, and then claiming asylum in order to game the system so they can stay until they are ordered to leave. The cartels who run these human trafficking rings understand that the system is overwhelmed and that once in, illegal crossers are basically in as long as they want to be. The rallying cry that “it’s legal to claim asylum” is misleading and ignores how the system is being destroyed by a never-ending wave of fraudulent claims.

Further, AOC’s claim that the United States is somehow solely responsible for what’s going on in Central America is just yet more America-hating nonsense. How exactly is the United States responsible for what’s going on in El Salvador or Guatemala? Is the assertion that the drug cartels and local gangs simply wouldn’t exist if Americans didn’t use drugs? Besides, that’s an argument for stronger border restrictions. Or is AOC claiming that the fall of communism in the latter 20th century in Central America is the problem here? You know, because Venezuela is doing so well.

No, this isn’t America’s fault. In fact, we’ve pumped tens of billions of dollars into these different countries over the last several decades. Further, Harris is right that these people need to stop coming. We can not handle the influx, most don’t have legitimate claims, and what’s happening now is not sustainable.

Color me slightly surprised that Harris ended up on the right side of an issue. Color me not surprised at all that AOC took the worst possible position.

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