Biden Just Named a New Person In Charge of the Border, You'll Know Her By The Sound of Her Cackle

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

People have been wondering where Joe Biden has been while the border crisis has been imploding.

Biden has been conspicuously missing from pronouncements about it, even calling an early lid on Monday at 1:13 p.m. Jen Psaki was asked if he intended to go to the border, she said he had no plans.


But now he’s made a statement this afternoon and he’s putting Kamala Harris in charge of dealing with the border crisis.

In his disjointed remarks, he paused multiple times, and looked down to read his remarks.

Biden first falsely blamed the surge on President Donald Trump, “This new surge we’re dealing with now started with the last administration.” This despite the fact that it clearly surged started under Biden, because of his specific remarks and policy actions, illegal aliens credit him with why they are coming and even the president of Mexico is blaming him for it. It had been under control because of the policies constructed by Trump.

Biden then proceeded to put Kamala Harris in charge of the situation at the border. In his strange remarks, during which he seems very tired, he doesn’t actually identify her by name (did he forget it?), he defines her by her prior positions, saying that no one should question that she speaks for him, “I can think of nobody who is better qualified to do this… When she speaks, she speaks for me.”


Harris explained she’s going to be meeting with Central American leaders, making it clear he’s ceded his negotiating to her on those issues. All they had to do was keep the deals that Trump had in place to keep the flow in check but they already messed that up, so now are going to have to work to reestablish what we already had.

She really speaks for him? Does he know what he’s saying when he says that? She’s second only to him in flip flops and messing up when speaking. Did she speak for him when asked if she was going to be going to the border, she laughed her head off about the crisis there? Does he really want her cackle to represent him?

But if they’re apparently putting her in charge already, it must be getting bad. Is this why he’s calling her president? Sounds like they want to remove any focus from him on the issue. This way, they think, no one will be asking why isn’t he addressing the issue? They would be wrong.

Reminder of what they didn’t want us to see.


They’re still restricting media access to the CBP facilities. So when’s Kamala going to rectify all this?


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