Fired Florida DOH Staffer Rebekah Jones Tries Taunting Matt Gaetz and Ends up Regretting It

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On Monday, discredited former Florida Dept. of Health IT staffer Rebekah Jones, who alleged without evidence a year ago after she was fired that the DOH and Gov. Ron DeSantis demanded she manipulate numbers on Florida’s COVID dashboard, was suspended from Twitter.


Twitter’s stated reason for her suspension, which appears to be permanent, was for “violating our rules against platform manipulation and spam.” While specific details were not given, Jones claimed in an Instagram post that it had something to do with her repeatedly posting a link (possibly hundreds of times?) to the Miami Herald’s latest hit piece on DeSantis, the centerpiece of which were DOH emails and private messages Jones leaked to the paper in (failed) hopes of vindicating her tattered reputation.

Though speculation is rampant that she was also booted from the platform for allegedly using a program to help artificially inflate follower counts, Jones appears to be settling in comfortably at Instagram, where last night she announced she’d be running against Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.):

But while Gaetz, who represents Florida’s 1st Congressional District, has other issues he’s dealing with right now, Rebekah Jones running against him is unlikely to be one of them. Why?


Because Jones now lives in Maryland. In fact, even when she was in Florida she did not live in his district, according to multiple sources.

As per the norm, she got a number of state and national news outlets to play along with her game, including WTSP and NBC News, but Jones ended up walking it back quite a bit when her critics amplified the point that you can’t run against a Florida Congressman when you live in another state:

Would Jones move back to Florida just to run against Gaetz? It’s possible, but not likely, in my opinion. She’s carrying as much if not more dirty baggage against her right now than Jeffrey Epstein’s extensive “client” list (cc: the Clintons), and a run for Congress – while it would give her the attention she desperately craves – would shine a much harsher light on her personal legal woes as well as the numerous fraudulent claims she’s made against her former employer and DeSantis, who if the gubernatorial election were held today would most likely run away with it in a landslide.


That said, it’s a good rule of thumb to never say “never,” and anything can happen here. But Jones clearly works best in insulated online atmospheres where she can pretend to be one thing in public and someone else entirely in private.

Hmm. When it’s put like that, maybe she will run after all, because that description also fits the average politician. Either way, we’ll be on the lookout and will be sure to keep you posted. 😉

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