Discredited DeSantis Critic Rebekah Jones Just Undercut Her Case in Spectacular Fashion

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We reported last week on how fake “data scientist” Rebekah Jones had been thoroughly exposed as a fraud by conservative writer Charles C.W. Cooke, who did some investigative digging and wrote what may be the most definitive, receipt-filled piece on Jones to date.


In the article, he nuked her most explosive claims about what she alleged she was asked to do to Florida’s COVID dashboard on Gov. Ron DeSantis’ behalf prior to her firing last year. Cooke also documented how viciously and dishonestly retaliating after being rejected (whether it be by an employer or a man) is one of Rebekah Jones’ most notorious hallmarks.

Needless to say, Cooke’s exposé has Jones thoroughly rattled and even more unhinged than she normally is – so much so that on Thursday night after Fox News host Tucker Carlson did a segment amplifying Cooke’s work detailing her mass deception, Jones took to the Twitter machine to proclaim Carlson said something about her that wasn’t true.

“Deleting deaths was never something I was asked to do. I’ve never claimed it was,” she stated in a now-deleted tweet.

Except yeah. She did make that claim, as Jones critic Max Nordau pointed out with receipts that included another deleted tweet from last December when she said she was told to “delete cases and deaths”:


Nordau also explained that she originally did not make any claim last May about being asked to manipulate the COVID dashboard by deleting cases and deaths but quickly changed her story when she realized how much media fangirling it would get her (which is exactly what happened):

Jones’ accidental admission that she lied about supposedly being told to delete COVID deaths can only mean one thing, as Cooke noted in a follow-up piece:

Or, put another way: Jones confirmed this week that she has been lying about the role she played in the department. And, once she’d done that, there was nothing that she could do except to back off her main claim. No direct access to the database means no ability to delete data from the database. No ability to delete data from the database means no claim that she was asked to delete data from the database. No claim that she was asked to delete data from the database means no scandal.

Game over.


It’s about freakin’ time. And to have the final blow delivered by the culprit herself thanks to her not being able to remember and keep up with her own lies was just the icing on the cake.

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