Florida Coronavirus Website "Whistleblower" Should be Known as "Rebekah of Sunnykook Farms"

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To hear the Associated Press tell it, concerns — which are abstract entities with no physical manifestation whatsoever — are erupting over the integrity of Florida’s COVID-19 website.

And indeed, there are “eruptions” all over the blue media as CBS Miami, NPR, McClatchy, and the ever-reliable Tampa Bay Times rush to throw spears at Florida Governor Ron De Santis based on charges leveled by one Rebekah Jones. Depending on which pore of the blue media you hear this from, Ms. Jones will be a “data guru,” a “scientist,” a “web site developer,” or the Democrats’ favorite new word, a “whistleblower.”

She’s also a few other things, and there is no indication that anyone in the blue media intends to tell you about them. So we will.

For one thing, she was arrested in Leon County, FL last year where she was charged with cyberstalking and sent for a psychological evaluation. As you’ll see below, it’s about time. That case is ongoing. A pre-trial hearing was just set for June 17, which may or may not have anything to do with any eruptions that might be occurring now. According to the prosecution:


On or about September 30, 2018, [Jones] did willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follow or harass or cyberstalk another person, [name redacted], committing the offense of stalking, contrary to Section 784.048(2) Florida Statutes.

Ms. Jones is facing up to twelve months in jail.

Prior to this episode, Ms. Jones had been charged with Criminal Mischief (over $200 but less than $1000 in damages), Contempt of Court for violating a protection order related to an incident of domestic violence, Trespassing, and Robbery by Sudden Snatching. A busy woman, to be sure, and obviously in full possession of her considerable mental faculties. She will make a fine addition to the pantheon of Democratic and Blue Media heroines.


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