Fake 'Data Scientist' and Ron DeSantis Critic Rebekah Jones Gets Exposed as a Total Fraud

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Despite the fact that disgraced Florida data tech Rebekah Jones was discredited multiple times last year over her claim that she was “fired” for refusing to “manipulate” the state’s coronavirus dashboard in a way that would make Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) look even better, Jones has continued to be lovingly embraced by an MSM who treats her like a martyr for supposedly being willing to lose her job by speaking Truth to Power.


Among the numerous interviews she’s done, Jones has appeared on MSNBC and CNN multiple times, including in one May 2020 segment where anchor Chris Cuomo used her bogus allegations against DeSantis to further falsely portray his brother and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo as a magnificent crisis leader in contrast.

In spite of the growing evidence that she is a fraud not to mention a seriously disturbed individual, Jones became so revered in media/left-wing fever swamps for “taking on the DeSantis Gestapo” that in December 2020 she received Forbes Technology’s first-ever “tech person of the year” distinction. She was also a featured speaker at a March journalism conference on how “when doing the right thing gets you fired.”

But though much has been written about and speculated on regarding Jones’ massive deception campaign over the last year, Charles C.W. Cooke did some more digging and wrote what may be the most definitive, receipt-filled investigative piece on Jones to date this week, thoroughly nuking her most explosive claims and documenting how viciously retaliating after rejection is one of Jones’ most notorious hallmarks.


There’s way too much to be excerpted here, but here are a few tweets he posted on what he found:

In addition to NRO, his exposé on Jones was also published today by the New York Post, with parts being picked up by non-traditional media outlets as well.


Jones, who received an unwelcome visit in December from the Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement over allegations she hacked into the Florida DHS emergency messaging system, has been busy deflecting on Twitter today by mostly targeting her ire at Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz. But she did take a minute to call Cooke’s piece part of a “smear campaign” against her though she did not explain what exactly it was that Cooke supposedly got wrong.

There has also been no comment from some of Jones’ most prominent Florida defenders, including newly-declared gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist and presumptive candidate Nikki Fried, both of who amplified Jones’ conspiracy theories against DeSantis at various points in order to further their own political ambitions.

Jones retaliating against DeSantis (who had nothing to do with her firing) by waging a one-woman war to destroy him is even more obscene when you consider there were so many willing accomplices on the left and in the media who were perfectly okay with doing her bidding without taking even five minutes to do what Cooke and others did in researching her claims. Why would they do this? Spectator writer Stephen Miller summed it up perfectly:


Can we stop the malfeasance? No. Can we expose it and shame its participants? Hell yes. We must continue to do so – and without mercy.

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