Update: Was Rebekah Jones Suspended From Twitter for Manipulating Follower Counts?

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We reported earlier on how discredited fraud Rebekah Jones, a Florida data technician who – without evidence – alleged a year ago after she was fired that the state’s Dept. of Health and Gov. Ron DeSantis demanded she manipulate numbers on Florida’s COVID dashboard to help further justify reopening plans, was suspended from Twitter today.


Twitter’s stated reason for her suspension was for “violating our rules against platform manipulation and spam.” A lot of people assumed that meant Twitter was taking action against her for repeatedly posting a link (possibly hundreds of times?) to yet another Miami Herald hit piece on DeSantis from Friday in which private messages and DOH emails Jones leaked to the Herald featured prominently.

Jones believed the article vindicated her. It didn’t.

But there’s fresh speculation that Jones’ Twitter suspension might also have something to do with the very real possibility that she may have manipulated her follower counts to the tune of tens of thousands:

This April tweet from someone who goes by the name “Conspirador Norteño” and who also says they are a data scientist, suggests that’s exactly what she did:


Read more on the intricacies of how “Round Year Fun” apps operate here and in this detailed thread.

Another Twitter account (@GeoCampaigns) that is believed to be a Jones sockpuppet account was also suspended today (and still is as of this writing).

Most hilariously, Jones’ suspension has led to some predictable white knighting on her behalf for purposes of falsely accusing Gov. DeSantis of hypocrisy:

For their part, DeSantis’ office put out another statement that made similar points that others (including me) did about how what Jones is alleged to have done to warrant suspension wouldn’t be covered by Florida’s new anti-Big Tech law anyway:


Not only that, but Jones now lives in Maryland, so unless I’m missing something here Florida law does not apply in Maryland.

Wouldn’t it be rather ironic if Jones, who has said for over a year now that she was fired for refusing to manipulate data for DeSantis, was suspended for manipulating her follower accounts? Such things are, I should note, grounds for permanent suspension if true.

We’ll keep you posted when we learn more.

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