Karma Strikes Discredited DeSantis Critic Rebekah Jones in a Most Deserving Way

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Fired Florida data technician Rebekah Jones has been in the news quite a bit in recent weeks, not because she’s been vindicated in any way whatsoever regarding her allegations against Gov. Ron DeSantis, but for three main reasons:


1) She was once and for all thoroughly exposed as a fraud, with no wiggle room left for any doubt.
2) She undercut a central claim to her case against DeSantis on Twitter by accidentally admitting she lied about supposedly being asked to manipulate the state’s COVID death data.
3) Her accomplices at the Miami Herald have been trying to revive Jones’ tattered reputation because they desperately need her to be viewed as credible in hopes she can do what they haven’t been able to: Take down DeSantis.

Jones, you’ll recall, alleged in May 2020 that she was fired from the DOH for allegedly being asked to massage the data on Florida’s COVID dashboard in a way that would further justify Gov. DeSantis’ plans for reopening the state. Though Jones became a media darling in the aftermath, to date, she has failed to back up her claims, and attempts from the few honest brokers left in the Florida press corps to get people to come forward to substantiate her claims have also been unsuccessful in the 13 months since she made them.

In yet another bad sign for Jones, earlier today, Twitter suspended her account, presumably for spamming the link to the Herald’s latest attempted hit piece on DeSantis in which private messages and DOH emails she leaked to them featured prominently:


Some allege she may have shared it hundreds of times within an hour’s time span.

DeSantis’ office responded accordingly, pointing out that Jones had hurt many of her former colleagues at DOH by repeatedly spreading baseless conspiracy theories that she could not back up:

What makes Twitter’s suspension of Jones especially karmic? Not only did she use her account to make claims she couldn’t prove about the DOH and DeSantis, but also because she used it to try and silence her critics by getting them suspended or banned:

CBS12 reporter Jay O’Brien, who has followed Jones’ case closely, noted that there were many people who wanted to publicly speak out against Jones but were fearful because of how she used social media as a weapon against them:


It’s unclear right now if her account will get restored, but for the time being, the world’s tiniest violin is playing in Jones’ honor. And hey, if all else fails, “she can still post from Chris Cuomo’s account,” right? 😉

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