Are You Okay? CNN's Jim Acosta Clearly Can't Let Go of Trump, and People Have Thoughts

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The mainstream media spent four years undermining Donald Trump’s presidency with one fake news “bombshell” report after another that went nowhere, and actively helped suppress news stories about then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden that had the potential to negatively impact his presidential campaign.


They cheered like fangirl groupies once they projected Joe Biden the winner, and spent the two months afterward completely reversing course on the bad news stories they ran with prior to the election, all because they wanted everyone to believe that it would be a new and better day in America with the guy who spent the last several months of his campaign sequestered in his basement alongside his handlers, the latter of which did much of the heavy lifting.

But since Joe Biden’s inauguration, one thing about these anti-Trump reporters has become increasingly clear.

They cannot let go of Donald Trump.

Yes, he’s in the news now in part because of the Senate’s impeachment trial, so that explains some of it. But the near-daily up to the minute reports on what he’s supposedly been up to, where he’s rumored to be at, etc. suggest that “news” outlets like CNN are seriously missing their number one draw in spite of everything they did to get him voted out of office, and despite their various pre-Inauguration Day pledges to “move on” from Trump in order to keep him from dominating the news cycle.

While some in the media are quite open about missing Trump, others are far more subtle in letting you know.


For example, here’s what CNN anchor and former White House correspondent Jim Acosta, who frequently sparred with Trump during his presidency, “reported” earlier on his Twitter feed about what Trump is up to, according to a CNN photographer:

People who are familiar with Acosta’s brand of performance journalism and obsessive nature when it comes to Trump had thoughts, and they were hilarious:


Between Acosta’s equally Trump-obsessed colleague Brian Stelter and Acosta himself, any bets on which one will be the first to accidentally blurt out how they wish he was back on the social media platforms they pushed to have him banned from?

The law of unintended consequences is at play here, and it’s funny as all get out. It’s absolutely driving them nuts not knowing what Trump’s up to 24-7, and it’s obvious they need their Trump fix – badly.

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