A Journalist Cries That He Misses Trump, Gets Dunked So Badly They Edit the Headline

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Earlier today, I wrote on the new third party possibly being started by the usual Never Trump suspects (see A New Anti-Trump Third Party Is Forming, Here’s Who Is Behind It). What I believe is obvious is just how desperate many of the figures who make up the Trump opposition are for him to remain the center of their universe despite his leaving office. Without him, how will the grift go on? Who will put them on MSNBC? What lefty billionaires will give them money?


Of course, that co-dependent dynamic is not limited to former Bush officials and hacks like Bill Kristol. It’s also present within a news industry that became addicted to Trump and his controversies.

There’s something to be said about the level of delusion Nazaryan is operating under as to his own import, and it’s nothing good. If you click on the second pane, what you’ll see is that he’s comparing himself and other journalists to soldiers storming the beaches of Normandy. He even suggests that those who did so got a “thrill” from it and not, you know, a feeling of abject terror as their friends were blown up around them.

Nazaryan then tries to double down on the “suckers and losers” smear, a provably false story The Atlantic pushed last year as an attack on Trump. Every on the record source, including anti-Trump figure John Bolton, said it didn’t happen. Yet, The Atlantic never printed a retraction and instead claims other outlets “confirmed” their story, which is just code for “the same lying sources told another outlet the same thing.” The entire ordeal is really a window into the unethical mess that is modern journalism.

In the end, Nazaryan got dunked so badly that they ended up changing the headline.


He was an enemy of the people! So heroic!

There are delusions of grandeur and then there’s whatever the heck our modern journalistic class think of themselves. These are people that have no real life experience and spend $20 on a piece of avocado toast, and they are convinced they are the equivalent of soldiers fighting the Nazis. Trump is their Hitler, and they need him, otherwise what relevance do they hold?

The answer is none at all. The gravy train is ending for these talent-less hacks. Trump will be back, I’m sure, but right now he’s too busy playing golf and being a billionaire to prop their industry up for them. But hey, I hear jobs building solar panels are going to be the new thing.



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