CNN's Brian Stelter Gets the Mocking He Deserves After 'Stunningly Brave' Stunt Pulled on Live TV (Video)


Now more than ever during the course of Trump’s presidency, we are seeing supposedly neutral journalists in the mainstream media unapologetically rip their “objective” masks completely off.


Whether it’s CNN’s Jake Tapper pulling a “Bye Felicia” on White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, his colleague Don Lemon tweeting about how now is the “time to move into the light”, or another CNN reporter falsely reporting the world was celebrating Biden’s “victory”, true colors are being revealed in media circles at an unprecedented pace, which is really saying something considering how often it happened prior to last week’s election.

Not to be outdone, CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter has upped his game on the facade-dropping front quite dramatically in recent days. For example, just today, Stelter “reported” on how “normal relations between the president and the press corps” may soon be “restored” under a Biden-Harris administration. This was media code, of course, for getting back in the business of operating in a state-run TV capacity for a Democratic presidential administration.

But Sunday is when Stelter really took his stunning bravery to the next level. During a live segment on his program “Reliable Sources”, ABC News reporter Jon Karl revealed that he had turned off Twitter notifications for President Trump’s tweets on his cell phone. As Stelter’s equally biased colleague Abby Phillip chuckled at Karl and noted she had done the same thing, Stelter flipped out his phone as the cameras rolled and declared it was time for him to follow suit:


“I guess I’ll just go ahead and do it now, Jon, I’m going to follow your lead,” Stelter exclaimed eagerly while taking out his iPhone and making the change as viewers were watching.

Here’s the video:

Here’s a photo of the moment:

Stelter’s wife Jamie noted she’d been trying to get Stelter to do so for “lord knows how long”:

She obviously would know him better than most, but from a professional standpoint, it’s been clear to a lot of us for a while now that Stelter’s just not going to do certain things unless the cameras are turned on and rolling for liberal Democrats and his media colleagues (but I repeat myself) to witness his grand virtue signaling.


Stelter got the mocking he deserved for it, too:

Well, even though the hair-braiding didn’t happen, the gushing about “how dreamy” Biden supposedly is has definitely been an ongoing thing at CNN, especially after they projected him to be the winner of the presidential election over the weekend.

As I’ve said before, these people are nothing if not a predictable lot.

That being said, anyone who believes Stelter, Phillip, Karl, and all the rest who are no longer getting notifications about Trump’s tweets are simply going to ignore him from here on out is delusional. Left-wing media outlets need Trump more than ever now so that “reporters” can feed their angry cancel culture mobs who are pushing “Enemies Lists” against Trump officials and his supporters.


In some ways, Trump has been the best thing to happen to “news” outlets like CNN. But in many other ways, he’s been their worst nightmare, exposing perhaps more than any other Republican president probably ever will the absolute leftist rot that infests national media newsrooms across the country.

That’s something people will always remember about both Trump and the MSM, whether he gets reelected or not.

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