CNN's Chris Cuomo Swipes at Fox News Over Impeachment Trial Coverage, Gets the Responses He Deserves

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It literally does not matter how much Fox News does to show that they’re a serious news network, it will never be enough to appease the hall monitors at CNN.


Earlier today as House impeachment managers were showing more deceptive, emotionally manipulative videos during the Senate impeachment trial, Fox News tweeted out a link for people to click on to view their livestreaming coverage:

There was nothing wrong with the tweet whatsoever, except to CNN’s resident tough guy Chris Cuomo, who apparently had nothing better to do than take cheap shots at a competitor in the middle of a pandemic (their rules):

Investigating election fraud allegations and claims about the Capitol riots is not “playing” anything down or up. It’s actually what’s called “journalism”, which explains why someone like Chris Cuomo who puts more emphasis on lifting weights than elevating the conversation wouldn’t understand.

In any event, people who remember CNN giving fawning coverage of Chris Cuomo’s big brother Andrew while ignoring his catastrophic handling of the pandemic in his state – especially the nursing home scandal – were quick to remind him of that after seeing his attempted dunk on Fox News:


There were also the instances where Chris Cuomo gaslit viewers over the BLM/Antifa-led riots, in some cases encouraged them, and threatened to beat someone up for calling him out for breaking quarantine:


Hey Chris, here’s a friendly tip: When it comes to a network supposedly “downplaying” serious issues (like your brother’s deadly mishandling of the COVID crisis) and “playing up” situations that can turn violent and deadly (like the BLM/Antifa riots), you might want to take Ryan Keefer’s advice and sit the next round out, bro. Because your credibility to call anyone out on those matters stands at just about zero.

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