Mark Steyn Gives Compromised Congressman Eric Swalwell the End-of-the-Year Smackdown He Deserves (Video)

Mark Steyn Gives Compromised Congressman Eric Swalwell the End-of-the-Year Smackdown He Deserves (Video)
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As I’ve noted before, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) easily ranks in the top ten on the very long list of Democratic members of Congress who are most worthy of mockery and dunking.

For four years Swalwell has been front and center and eager to rush to the cameras when it comes to spouting off baseless conspiracy theories about President Trump and other Republicans allegedly being compromised in some way by foreign adversaries. And when the truth about his sham allegations is eventually revealed afterward, instead of backing off of his claims and apologizing he actually doubles down because he simply can’t resist the swarms of media attention and Twitter fame his falsehoods give him.

Plus, it makes for good theater for Democrats during televised Congressional hearings, too.

But when it comes to that good political theater, few can outdo the hilarious repartee of Mark Steyn, which the conservative commentator more than proved during a guest-hosting stint on Tucker Carlson’s program earlier this week.

As it turns out, Swalwell was on Steyn’s list of politicians to roast on New Year’s Eve Eve, and he wasted no time at all in scorching the disgraced Democrat and member of the House Intelligence Committee who reportedly was compromised by a Chinese national/spy named Fang Fang in more ways than one, if you catch my meaning.

Steyn started off by playing a clip of Swalwell warning America during a March 2017 Congressional hearing on “the dangers of glamorous and exotic foreign spies plying their sexual wares” on unsuspecting political figures. In the video Steyn aired, Swalwell questioned then-FBI director James Comey on the “Kremlin playbook” and how there were a “number of ways a foreign adversary can seek to influence a person”, including by “romancing” the influential person and/or compromising them in an embarrassing way.

After playing the segment, Steyn then correctly noted that “it turned out Eric Swalwell himself had been penetrated by Chinese intelligence, which is impressive because he’s never before shown any sign of being penetrated by any intelligence. Yet a Chinese spy was able to get to Swalwell and play his record player all night long, if you know what I mean, til’ his poor old needle wore out.”

“Meet the crack Chinese agent dispatched by Chairman Xi,” Steyn went on, airing a photo of Fang and Swalwell. “The name’s Fang. Fang Fang.”

“You only Fang twice,” he then quipped in an apparent reference to the 1967 James Bond spy movie classic “You Only Live Twice.”

Watch Steyn unleash hell on a deserving Swalwell below:

“Chef’s kiss” indeed. And though done two days before the New Year began, it was the perfect ring-in to the new year we all needed after a craptastic 2020.

Steyn occasionally fills in for Fox News’ opinion anchors as well as Rush Limbaugh on his radio program and is always worth a watch/listen.

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