Dana Loesch Brainstorms an Eric Swalwell Hallmark Christmas Movie and It's Pretty Close to Perfect

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On the long list of Democratic members of Congress who are most worthy of mockery and dunking, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) easily ranks in the top 10 without question.


For four years now he has been on the frontlines both in Congress and on cable news networks when it comes to spouting off baseless conspiracy theory after baseless conspiracy theory about President Trump and other Republicans. And when he’s shown to be a shameless liar later, instead of backing off he actually doubles down.

When he hasn’t been doing that, he’s been waging a one-man war on the Second Amendment.

So while it has indeed been concerning on a national security level that Swalwell, a failed 2020 presidential candidate, had a rather cozy “professional” (ahem) relationship with a Chinese national for several years, conservatives nevertheless have wasted no time heaping ridicule on him over the news, not sparing him one shred of sympathy over the possibility that the relationship was more than just “business.”

Conservative talk show host Dana Loesch, who has frequently sparred with Swalwell on social media (and won, of course), could not resist taking a few jabs at him during a recent broadcast.

As you’ll see and hear below, Loesch describes the events (first reported by Axios) in such a way that makes what happened sound like a cheesy made-for-TV movie:


In response to the playfully dramatic FirstonTV promo of her program, Loesch brainstormed a Hallmark Christmas movie idea about Swalwell that was pretty close to perfect:

Trust me when I tell you that a movie like that would be far more interesting and intriguing than most of the Hallmark Christmas movies they’ve been airing for the last six months or so (apologies, Kira Davis!).

And hey, since the state of California has made generous exceptions for Hollywood movie productions during the lockdowns because priorities and stuff, I see no reason whatsoever why this project can’t get rolling ASAP.

Swalwell’s movie buff buddy Adam Schiff can even be the director, too. After all, what are friends for, anyway?

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