Told Ya So: Lara Trump Delivers Well-Deserved Jab to Jake Tapper by Revisiting Contentious October Interview

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Watching the contortions CNN’s “reporters” have put themselves through over the last week in light of Hunter Biden’s announcement that he’s under federal investigation has been something else.

Their senior media hall monitor Brian Stelter has simultaneously praised his network’s “coverage” while also criticizing alleged over-coverage of the story from Fox News in contrast to the Trump campaign’s election lawsuits and the pandemic. His sidekick Oliver Darcy proclaimed that while the story was important, that it should not be “blown out of proportion” in contrast to supposed scandals involving President Trump because Orange Man Bad and stuff.

And then there’s CNN’s “The Lead” anchor Jake Tapper, who has gone on and on this week touting the network’s “reporting” on the story and acting like a tough guy with the Biden transition team while completely ignoring the fact that CNN actively worked to suppress the New York Post’s reporting on allegations against Hunter Biden prior to the election.

Here are a couple of examples of recent tweets about the story from Tapper:

Further discrediting Tapper’s newfound respect for investigating the allegations against Hunter Biden is the fact that he feigned ignorance in October whenever any Trump campaign official or surrogate appeared on his show and brought up the Biden family’s China connections.

Understandably, some of those closest to the Trump campaign are not willing to let Tapper off the hook in light of the “new” information about investigations into Hunter Biden – information that was already known prior to Election Day thanks, in part, to the NY Post.

Case in point: Lara Lea Trump, who appeared on Tapper’s show in mid-October for what turned out to be a very contentious interview. In particular, Tapper took issue at the time with Ms. Trump’s comments about the Biden family’s business dealings with China, which he pretended not to understand:

But Lara Trump went straight for Tapper, who had insisted when she spoke with him on the October 18 edition of CNN’s “State of the Union,” “I don’t know what that means. I don’t know what that means,” after Lara Trump had stated, “You think politically correct, soft Joe Biden would have shut down travel to China, especially now, when we know it’s been very lucrative for Joe Biden and his family, China?”

On Thursday, Lara Trump revisited the interview and gave Tapper a well-deserved “told ya so” jab:

Clear enough for you now, Mr. Tapper?

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