Flop Sweat Builds as Hunter Biden Admits He's Under Federal Investigation

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It looks like AG Bill Barr, for whatever faults you may place on him, isn’t going to let Hunter Biden walk away from his corruption without a fight. As RedState has reported on extensively, the younger Biden’s dealings oversees were a hot button issue early in the campaign. That then broke wide open in the last few weeks of the election cycle after a laptop he had abandoned was found. Emails showed influence peddling, corrupt dealings in places like China, and perhaps even Joe Biden himself being on the take. Mainstream and social media rushed to censor the reporting out of fear it could hurt the elder Biden’s campaign.


For a while, it looked like that was going to be it. While many of Hunter Biden’s associates had already been criminally charged, he seemed to have escaped scrutiny because of who his father is. That looks to not be the case, no doubt to the chagrin of Joe Biden himself. Hunter Biden just released a statement acknowledging he’s under federal investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware.

This statement makes it seem routine, but this isn’t routine. They are almost certainly investigating his taxes because there’s reason to believe he’s been involved in tax evasion and money laundering, never mind the general corruption of his overseas dealings (I’m pretty sure he’s never been registered under FARA either). As I mentioned above, several of his associates have already went down for crimes related to dealings Hunter Biden had. The idea that Hunter Biden himself is somehow clean in the midst of all that is really, really hard to believe. He’s sweating right now, and he should be.


I’ll also note that the statement from the Biden-Harris “transition” quite literally says nothing. Shouting “he’s a good little boy who’s had a hard life!” is not an answer to the investigation now being waged against Joe Biden’s son. These are not “vicious attacks.” This a legitimate DOJ inquiry into some very bad looking stuff on the part of Hunter Biden. That can’t be hand-waved away as the equivalent of Fox News chatter.

Meanwhile, Barr is also, perhaps unintentionally, setting a trap for Joe Biden if he takes office. If the new AG steps in and shuts this down, it’s gonna be a big scandal whether CNN wants to cover it or not. Right-wing media’s reach has never been larger. Also, these U.S. Attorney offices are doggedly territorial. Someone will start talking if anyone connected to a Biden puts their hands in this.

Lastly, we are all left to wonder if the FBI has been involved in this or if the DOJ has had to take the lead. The bureau has had Hunter Biden’s laptop for over a year. They’ve had information pointing to illegal activities involving money and foreign dealings for much longer. Yet, the first we are hearing of an investigation is coming from a U.S. Attorney in Delaware. Make of that what you will.



Sure enough, this isn’t just about “taxes.” This investigation is long-standing and Hunter Biden is in trouble. Also, I was right to think this involves money laundering. James Rosen apparently reported that over a month ago.

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