Biden Transition Team Jerked CNN Around to Control Hunter Story, But Their Handling of It Raises Even More Questions

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We reported earlier on how Hunter Biden was under federal investigation and wrote about the statement that he released.

But I wanted to comment on a little of the backstory surrounding the release of the statement and why it’s problematic in and of itself.


Biden announced that he was under investigation for “tax affairs” by the U.S. Attorney for Delaware. The Biden transition team issued a statement that “‘President-Elect’Joe Biden is deeply proud of his son, who has fought through difficult challenges, including the vicious personal attacks of recent months, only to emerge stronger.”

But naturally that wasn’t quite true.

The investigation was about the dealings with China. But they stopped investigating because of the election. Imagine how insane that is. Notice how they didn’t do that when the FBI was trying to hook someone, anyone in the Trump administration on imaginary collusion. Imagine if the public had known. We don’t have to imagine. Enough already said that they wouldn’t have voted for Joe Biden.


Gee, you mean Hunter didn’t tell the truth and tried to spin it, as did his father Joe? Who would have thought?

And since when did Hunter emerge stronger? He’s been hiding out and barely seen.

They may have thought they would completely skate since they’ve gotten away with this so far.

But a few other points about this statement.

According to Jake Tapper, CNN’s Evan Perez approached Hunter Biden and his father and asked for a comment about the story which they were writing before his announcement. They delayed giving a response to CNN, saying they would answer them later. Instead, they planned this statement and released it first, to try to one up and blunt the story CNN had.

Tapper was furious that the Biden people did that to CNN.


So he’s disturbed that CNN got jacked over by the Biden team, but he had no problem jacking over Americans in general by not covering this story when it was out there to be covered prior to the election. No sympathy at all for him now being upset. Every reason to know that Biden was covering up before and they aided it.

They even had a known Senate investigation as Sen. Chuck Grassley points out, and still the media ignored it because it benefitted Biden.

But there’s another problem here to which Mike Davis, the former Chief Counsel for Nominations to the Senate Judiciary Chair Chuck Grassley, points. That’s that the Biden transition team who screamed to be recognized and get transition monies are now using those monies, our tax dollars, to promote Hunter’s defense. Not only do they have Biden’s statement, which should be separate from the transition team’s general work, but also Hunter’s statement which should very definitely be separate.


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