CNN 'Reporter' Tries White Knighting for Democrats Over 2020 Election Dispute, It Doesn't Go Well

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Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media have engaged in some pretty fantastical political history revisionism over the last week in the midst of the Trump campaign’s allegations of mail-in ballot fraud in several states and the president’s steadfast refusal to play the left’s tiresome “it’s over” games.


For example, as I reported last week, several “journalists” commenced in completely whitewashing twice-failed Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore’s conduct during the 2000 Florida dispute between Gore and George W. Bush. They falsely portrayed Gore as a gracious, magnanimous public servant who did a selfless thing by conceding the race a mere 37 days after Election Day. He was, of course, anything but gracious and conciliatory.

The latest example of media gaslighting on presidential election history comes by way of CNN White House correspondent John Harwood, who took to the Twitter machine Tuesday to assist in CNN’s efforts to transition into full-scale state-run TV on behalf of the Biden-Harris campaign.

Harwood, like so many of his colleagues at CNN who are “reporters” in name only, alleged that the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election between Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton was nothing like 2020’s because Democrats supposedly accepted the election results and stuff:


Harwood’s supporters ate it up, of course. But predictably, he conveniently left out what happened next, as DC Examiner commentator Becket Adams tried to get him to admit:

Harwood didn’t take the bait, but yours truly was not about to let him off the hook:

Nor was my RedState colleague Nick Arama, who also lowered the boom on Harwood’s revisionist spin:


Should any of us be surprised that Harwood is completely glossing over the history of the 2016 election and what happened aftermath? Absolutely not, especially when you consider he was caught crossing the line back in 2015 from being a supposedly neutral reporter to an arm of Hillary Clinton’s campaign:

The following question was asked on Sept. 21, 2015, via email, to the chairman of a major presidential campaign, John Podesta: “What should I ask Jeb?”

At the time, Jeb Bush was still a leading candidate to challenge Hillary Clinton for the White House — and had more money behind him.

The question didn’t come from a campaign surrogate or an opinion host — it came from the chief Washington correspondent at CNBC, John Harwood. And just to make sure he hit Bush where the Clinton campaign — which still viewed the former Florida governor as its most likely opponent for 2016 — wanted him to most, Harwood went to Clinton’s campaign chief to do all the thinking for him.

After Harwood hosted a Republican presidential primary debate in November 2015, he sent this email:

“I imagine that Obama feels some (sad) vindication at this demonstration of his years-long point about the opposition party veering off the rails,” Harwood wrote to Podesta afterward. “I certainly am feeling that way with respect to how I questioned Trump at our debate.”


While we don’t have evidence of any similar emails between Harwood and the Biden campaign, when you look at some of the things Harwood’s tweeted over the last week – including the one referenced in this tweet – I don’t think email evidence is needed to prove the point that he continues shilling for Democrats under the guise of being an “objective reporter.”

“Facts first”, right, John?

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