Al Gore, Media Try Revising Bush vs. Gore Election History, Brit Hume Steps in and Drops Facts

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With President Trump and his campaign lawyers aggressively and rightly questioning the voting totals in several battleground states as we speak, the mainstream media has been all too eager to draw parallels between this election and the grueling 2000 presidential election battle between George W. Bush and Al Gore.


Predictably, along with that has come an insane amount of history revisionism – not just from various media figures but also from high-profile Democrats including Al Gore himself.

Let’s start with what some in the media have said.

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman asserted that Gore “took a bullet for the country” in 2000, in contrast to Trump who – in Friedman’s mind – “put a bullet into the country” with the “shameful” speech he gave Thursday night:

On NBC News last night, former Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs brought up the 2000 election fight and painted Gore as a gracious, magnanimous public servant who did the right thing in 2000 by walking away even though he was “so close to being president of the United States”:

“To lose an election by less than 600 votes nationally, and to do it in the way he did it, I think speaks volumes and can hopefully be a model for not just Trump or anybody who loses an election,” he touted, “because the magnanimity that he left the office so close to being president of the United States.”

“Meet the Press” anchor Chuck Todd weighed in later in agreement with Gibbs:


“Also, just to be also, it’s politically better to be conciliatory cause it puts you in a position, I mean, Al Gore was certainly in the position to run for president again by the way he handled himself there. There was a lot of positive vibes.”


“And, I think, Al Gore to this day it’s the single most important concession speech in this country’s modern history.”

NBC News anchor Andrea Mitchell heartily agreed. “I would say, people should just look it up. Look that speech up and read it and think about it.”

Watch the segment below, via MRC-TV:

Gore also patted himself on the back for the way he allegedly handled the 2000 fight with Bush:

Yeah … no. That’s not quite how things happened, Mr. Gore.

Fox News senior political analyst hit the brakes on all the Bush vs. Gore gaslighting with crucial facts, and smacked down people who tried to dispute him:


Hume wasn’t the only one, either:

And beyond Bush vs. Gore, many of us also remember some of the other elections Democrats claimed were “stolen”, without an ounce of pushback from the same media institutions who are now telling the American people that we “must respect the results of the election” and quit fighting:


As I said yesterday, maybe when all is said and done we’ll find out there was nothing out of the ordinary or nefarious about how mail-in vote counting was conducted in close battleground states. Or maybe we will.

But until then, questions must be raised before it’s too late to correct possible mistakes and/or fraud. People who care about the integrity of the elections process should agree.

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