Jake Tapper Lectures Fox News on Reporting Election Fraud Allegations, Here's the Response He Deserves

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My colleague Bonchie reported earlier on how the cast of characters at CNN were already giving America a preview of what their “news programming” would look like under a Biden-Harris administration.


In what came off like something straight out of state-run TV, anchor Jake Tapper and his colleagues Abby Phillip and Dana Bash lovingly gushed over the “historic” significance Sen. Kamala Harris possibly becoming the first black female vice president. They practically shoved Joe Biden out of the Oval Office to make room for her.

Unfortunately, the segment got even worse, and the lack of self-awareness was almost literally off the charts. At another point during the discussion, Tapper made what Mediaite oddly characterized as a “stunning” on-air plea to Fox News to “make it very clear that [in] this election, there is no credible evidence that we have seen of widespread fraud”:

“I don’t normally talk about any competing network,” he said. “But the Murdochs, and the people at Fox, have an obligation to put their country above their profits. It is very important that people make it very clear that this election, there is no credible evidence that we have seen of widespread fraud. By all accounts, Joe Biden is on the precipice of becoming the next president, fair and square. And people who have the privilege of sitting in seats like we’re sitting in now have the obligation to convey that to their viewers so that there is a peaceful transition of power, and so that there isn’t violence.”


Tapper dramatically described the situation as “a matter of life and death”, saying “somebody was arrested driving up to the Philadelphia convention center.” Tapper then went on to allege, without evidence that the person arrested was inspired by something “repeated by Republicans on Fox.”

The ex-Salon writer and former spokesman for a Democratic member of Congress also accused any reporter at Fox News who went along with the network’s alleged dictate to not call Joe Biden “president-elect” a disgrace to the journalism profession. “You might as well hand in your press credential at the same time,” he proclaimed, “because you can’t be taken seriously as a journalist.”

Then Abby Phillip, again without any level of self-awareness whatsoever, agreed with Tapper. “Yeah, I mean, look, Fox is acting as an arm of the Trump campaign.”

Watch the Oscar-worthy performances from Tapper and Phillip below:


Let’s ponder for a moment or two over the mountain of frequently unsubstantiated fake news whoppers that Tapper & his CNN co-workers have “reported” over the last four years and then marvel that he’d have the actual chutzpah to try and dictate journalistic standards to a rival news network that CNN simply cannot touch.

I mean from the Steele dossier to the Russia collusion hoax to the Ukraine phone call to the debunked “losers and suckers” story and beyond, CNN, like most other national news organizations, has reported one fake news or half-baked story after another about Trump and other admin officials. Many of the critical stories they’ve pushed have been self-described “blockbuster” stories that were false, overblown, or (deliberately) distorted in order to craft a liberally-biased narrative.

Let’s also not forget how Tapper participated in the smear campaign against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings.

I can’t speak for Fox News, but I’m 100% certain that not a single reporter there needs any lectures whatsoever about journalistic integrity from the same guy who told the NY Post to cave to Twitter’s demands that they delete their tweets on the Hunter Biden laptop story and who allows Democrats to dictate the questions that are asked during their “interviews.”


I’m also certain that Fox News doesn’t need to be lectured to as to which stories to report on. Thankfully they’ve had the guts to look into the various allegations made by the Trump campaign of voting irregularities and/or possible fraud — because that’s what journalists worth their salt are supposed to do.

Next time CNNers like Tapper and Abby Phillip want to accuse other reporters of not being up to par and/or being the “arm” of a political campaign, I’d suggest holding up a mirror when doing so. Might not like what they see.

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