Members Of Corporate Press Play Dumb And Demand ‘Evidence’ After Being Told Of Affidavits And Incident Reports Alleging Voter Fraud 

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Sometimes it is tough to determine whether members of the corporate press are stupid, or if they just think we’re stupid. In this particular story, it might be both. 


During a Monday press conference with White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel provided evidence of alleged voter fraud in Michigan. Republicans contend that these actions could have swung the election in Biden’s direction. While addressing reporters, McDaniel said:

“In Wayne County, Republican poll watchers were denied their legal right to monitor the election and purposefully kept in the dark…there are thousands of reports of poll watchers being intimidated and unable to do their job and as of  4 p.m. this afternoon, 131 affidavits have been completed just in Michigan with over 2,800 incident reports that have been submitted to us since election day. Two new lawsuits were filed today by people who were working in Detroit and a whistleblower [came forward].”

The GOP chair then discussed the claims made in some of the affidavits, urging journalists to look into them. “I hope you look at these affidavits,” she said. “And I hope you hear from the people who were there [in Detroit].” 

She also pointed out that other members of the establishment media were ignoring these stories. “So just after a week after the polls close, Democrats and the media want to ignore these irregularities,” she insisted. “Even one instance of voter fraud should be too many for all of us.”

After McDaniel turned the conference over to McEnany, an alleged reporter asked, “Do you know that fraudulent votes were actually cast?” 


Hold up. McDaniel just explained that there were over one 100 sworn affidavits and 2,000 incident reports alleging fraudulent activity. Were they too busy playing Angry Birds to listen to what was being said? 

McEnany replied, “Ronna just told you there were 131 affidavits filed in just Michigan alone. We are aware of the reports of thousands of votes cast in Nevada that were not eligible…right now we would point you to that. That information is publicly available.”

The GOP chair also responded, referencing a story in which a whistleblower in Michigan submitted an affidavit stating that a supervisor told her to backdate ballots that arrived after the legal deadline. This individual also claims to have seen poll workers encouraging voters to vote straight Democrat. In some cases, these officials went into the booths with the voters to help them cast their ballots. “Why aren’t you worried about these irregularities,” McDaniel asked. 

Another alleged journalist piped up, repeating the previous question, asking “Do you have any evidence you can show us today that illegal ballots were cast?” As Jennifer Van Laar reported yesterday, McDaniel replied:

Well, I just – I think I just went through that with you. With somebody backdating when a ballot was received, that’s called illegal.

If it were me I would have said it like this: “Backdating ballots is against the law, which means these votes would be cast illegally because it’s not legal to cast votes that have been backdated, meaning that doing so is breaking the law, which makes it illegal and we’re not supposed to do stuff like that.” Perhaps I’ll run for RNC chair next.


Of course, we all know why the reporters at this conference were playing this game. They knew exactly what McDaniel was saying and they are aware of the fact that reports and affidavits like these are being submitted in the rest of the battleground states as well. 

The problem is that they don’t want the American public to know about these allegations because it might cast doubt on the validity of the election. Even though these allegations, if true, would not prove that Biden wouldn’t have won without the cheating, the corporate press knows that if they delved into these stories, it would expose the fact that it is the Democrats who are engaging in fraudulent voting. And the corporate media can’t have that, can they? 


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