Boom: Megyn Kelly Emasculates Obama Bros in Fiery Exchange Over Bogus Calls to 'Unite'

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Last week’s election truly brought out the absolute worst among many in the mainstream media, far worse than what most viewers and readers would have ever thought was humanly possible.


The “objective” masks have been ripped off for many, while others are putting on the peace, love, and harmony facade and preaching about how now is the time we must “move into the light” and beyond the division allegedly brought to Washington, D.C. by President Trump.

But independent journalist Megyn Kelly made it clear over the weekend that she believed such calls demonstrated willful ignorance considering the last four years of how Trump and his supporters have been treated. After Joe Biden tweeted a call for “unity”, Kelly’s response proved she understood why the over 70 million (and counting) people who voted for President Trump had no interest in grabbing a hold of the olive branch that was being offered to them by the left:

Kelly’s simple yet on-point tweet triggered Democrats and media figures alike, including CNN’s Chris Cuomo – who she dunked, and a couple of the predictably whiny Obama Bros, who proceeded to chastise Kelly for having the audacity to not toe the left’s/media’s line about how Trump voters must move on from the past 4 years in the interest of “healing” and “repairing our nation’s soul”, yada yada.


First up was former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau, who rose to infamy on the right for his infamous groping of the Hillary Clinton cardboard cutout:

Then the mansplaining began:

Then Favreau proceeded to laughably claim that the charge that Biden was hidden in his basement for a year was a baseless “conspiracy theory”, even though Democrats this week are basically confirming that was his campaign strategy the entire time:


Because Favreau was failing miserably at trying to throw Kelly off her game, former Obama NSC spokesman Tommy Vietor jumped in with the attempted rescue by way of a personal attack, because that’s what losers do when they have nothing of substance to add to the discussion:

He then fell flat shortly thereafter:


If there’s one thing we’re learning (or reaffirming) post-Election Day, it’s that Democrats and the media have no interest whatsoever in learning from their mistakes over the last four years, including their abhorrent and dismissive treatment of Trump supporters as second-class citizens, and their relentless painting of Trump as an illegitimate president.

Basically what the Vietor and Favreau tagteam did there was to confirm exactly what Kelly and many on the right have said for the last several days about Democrats and the left-wing media about how their calls for “unity” are about as sincere as a rattlesnake’s vow not to bite.

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