Megyn Kelly Nukes Biden's Claim that the Nation Is Now 'United' and 'Healed'

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Now that the media has declared Joe Biden the winner (while the counting is still continuing), we are suddenly hearing from them and Democrats how the nation must come together and accept Biden, that we should not be questioning the election.


Democrats literally paid for foreign disinformation and spread the Russia collusion hoax to undermine Donald Trump, which was then weaponized through the media and the FBI to undermine his presidency. These are the people who literally rioted from day one of his presidency, refusing to accept the duly-elected president. These are the media folks who twisted and lied about everything Trump did to damage his presidency and harm him in the eyes of the American public. These are the social media folks who interfered in a major Biden scandal in the final weeks before the election and prevented the American public from getting the full truth. These are the media who even now are labeling and flagging anything questioning this election now.

Now, after all that, and after all that has gone on in this election, they want us just to “come together,” accept Biden and the president he’s playing the stalking horse for, Kamala Harris. Sorry, but no. They want us to stand down while they flout every norm and every rule, and act as though it’s normal. The counting and the legal challenges go on. The uncovering of all the funny business continues.


Biden has declared victory, despite the counting still going on. Remember when Twitter said they would shut down a candidate trying to claim victory before it was official? They’re not stopping the media or Biden.

Biden is now calling for “unity” and acting as though his ‘victory’ has healed the nation, even as his supporters are calling for ‘lists’ to go after any Trump supporters to prevent them from getting jobs or being accepted in ‘polite society,’ including even 57 federal judges for the ‘sin’ of being appointed by Trump.

Unreal. Translation: now that we’ve sown all kinds of division and attacked Republicans and Trump at every turn, smearing them in order to win, everyone must come together behind me and recognize me.

Megyn Kelly had the perfect response to Biden’s cluelessness.


Perfect response. There are at least 70 million people who would disagree with Biden.

God help us all if this guy actually gets in. It’s not just rhetoric to say that freedom of thought and speech is in danger. It’s not just random Democrats making up these lists but folks who worked for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Pete Buttigieg—people likely to be in power in a Biden administration. Where is the condemnation of their statements? It’s sorely lacking.


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