'Reap What You Sow': Writer Nails Why GOP Is Right to Mistrust Election Numbers in Close States

Matt Finn

Without fail, every time I log on to social media or turn on the news, there’s a journalist scolding Republicans for questioning why it’s taking so long in certain states to get ballots completely counted and results uploaded for the public to view.


“Trust the process!” they say in so many words. “Right now in states across the country, the democratic process is working. Votes are being counted. Let the system work,” (paraphrasing) is another common refrain.

They say this in spite of the fact that so much about what’s going on post-election in states like Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina simply doesn’t make sense, especially from the perspective of voters who are owed transparency about the various processes being undertaken under the guise of protecting the integrity of the vote.

Even more concerning about what these media figures seem to be telling us is that we supposedly have no reason not to trust the process – this after four years of them trying to convince the American people that President Trump “stole” the 2016 election from failed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, the latter of who was the mainstream media’s preferred candidate at the time.

Earlier today, I came across a Twitter thread that I thought perfectly encapsulated all the reasons why conservatives are absolutely right to raise the roof and ask questions about what’s happening in these tight races. Democrats (and the media) have in no way earned our trust, and deserve to be questioned at every turn.


Here’s what writer Bethany Mandel had to say:


Maybe when all is said and done we’ll find out there was nothing out of the ordinary or nefarious about how mail-in vote counting was conducted in close battleground states. Or maybe we will. But until then, questions must be raised before it’s too late to correct possible mistakes and/or fraud.

Like I noted earlier, the days where Republicans simply played nice with Democrats on these matters in the interest of peace and harmony and in hopes of not getting shamed and brutalized by the media into submission are over for good – whether Trump is reelected or not.

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