Jake Tapper Sets the Mask on Fire, Attacks Kayleigh McEnany in Juvenile Rant

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While I’m not self-loathing enough to watch CNN, being in conservative media means paying attention to what they do. And perhaps no “anchor” on the liberal network has removed his mask and set it on fire more than Jake Tapper.


The former “good one” at CNN, as many right-wing commentators used to describe him, lost his mind during the 2016 election and never regained it. He took Trump’s presidency as personally as any “journalist” out there, yet his behavior has been especially abhorrent, precisely because he claims the mantle of unbiased truth-teller.

Apparently, he wanted to go out with a bang.

His meltdown only continued to escalate as the days moved forward last week.


So much journalism, right? McEnany was not even addressing Tapper, and he jumps in to offer his biased, mostly false editorializing. Child separation was a policy started by Obama and is a result of a 9th Circuit Court opinion, not maliciousness, for example. To the extent that people consider Miller a “racist” in the White House, they should go on record or shut up. Note the “per senior WH source” claim as well. Jake isn’t even man enough to back up what he’s saying with evidence.

Then when McEnany responded, this happened.

Can’t you just feel the overwhelming decency and maturity emanating from Tapper? I mean, he’s spent the last four years ranting about decorum and being better, yet here he is with all the gumption of your average 12-year-old. This is all really great stuff from CNN.

If these people wanted to ensure everyone knows they are just biased hacks, what would they be doing differently? I suppose they believe that four years of Biden, if that’s what the country ends up saddled with, will just be one big vacation, so why even hide it now? Jake Tapper has blown every bit of credibility he once had. He’s not getting it back by asking a Biden administration a few tough questions every now and then. You don’t come back from this. He can join his colleagues Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon as being completely exposed for exactly what they are.


Besides, what kind of journalist talks to a woman that way, in what is supposed to be a professional setting, i.e. going after the White House Press Secretary? If you are going to preach decency, how about having some basic decency? But Trump has the uncanny ability of revealing people for who they really are. Hence, what you see from Tapper here.

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