Megyn Kelly Rakes Chris Cuomo for Retweeting Despicable Attack on Trump Supporters

Have to hand it to Megyn Kelly, she was loaded for bear this weekend.

As I reported earlier, Kelly nuked Biden’s claim that the nation was now “united” and “healed” because media declared him the winner of the presidency.


She went further, chastising Biden for being delusional after the attacks on Republicans for four years and even now, with Democratic operatives making lists about taking “retribution” against Trump supporters.

But it’s typical Obama/Biden. Say the pretty thing while actually doing all they can to do to wrongly undermine their opponents.

An actor then tried to mock Kelly’s defense of Trump supporters, as Kelly notes, literally making her point for her.

She then took a swipe at CNN’s Chris Cuomo for retweeting the actor’s rant, making sure that she saw it.


Kelly completely buried him over the actions of his brother and his own actions in breaking quarantine as well as failing to wear a mask while piously preaching about it and scolding others.

Chris Cuomo doesn’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with retweeting mocking 71 million Americans and calling them racists because they support the president. And CNN wonders why it no longer has any credibility as a news organization. This is why they no longer have any real audience. But they still don’t get it. And they think the election gives them further license to take off their masks as liberal operatives.

But remember, Democrats are about “unity.” As long as “unity” means doing what they say and not having a different opinion.


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