CNN Beclowns Itself Over Biden's ‘Big,’ ‘Optimistic,’ ‘Presidential,’ ‘Soaring’ Speech ‘About America’

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Following Joe Biden’s Friday night speech in which he didn’t declare victory, but nonetheless declared “the people have given us a mandate for action,” CNN — laughingly self-described as The Most Trusted Name in News™ — did what CNN always does: fell all over Biden and his speech like a high school girl swooning over the star player on the basketball team.


And how embarrassing was CNN’s latest effort to beclown itself as it has done for at least the last four years?

Just 24 hours after Anderson Cooper called President Trump “an obese turtle on his back,” as I reported on Friday, “flailing in the hot sun, realizing his time is over” who “just hasn’t accepted it,” and Jimbo Acosta calling the president a “sore loser,” the “journalists” of CNN last night labeled Biden’s lackluster comments “a “big,” “optimistic,” “presidential,” and “soaring” speech “about America” that “applauded democracy.”

As transcribed by NewsBusters,” the soaring rhetoric of CNN sock puppets eclipsed anything Biden said or could have said.

The Lead and State of the Union host Jake Tapper went first and was over the moon about Biden’s remarks having been “quite a contrast from what we heard from President Trump yesterday, if that’s when it was, President Trump’s address was about him, it was about his anger, it was about his grievance, it was about his desire to stay in power.”

Tapper added his relief that Biden “talked about the voting process and the counting process, and how it can be numbing, in his words, but people need to remember that the tallies don’t represent just numbers, these represent voters.”

Chief political correspondent Dana Bash was exuberant, gushing over she was struck by “how big that speech was,” boasting it was “[b]ig and all encompassing, and not just about the specifics…but about democracy and coming together and the need for a more perfect union.”

Looking forward to Biden being declared the election winner, Bash boasted that Biden gave them “a soaring speech” symbolizing “the pivot from candidate to President-Elect, rhetorically.”


I watched the Biden speech. Or at least I thought I did. Maybe Tapper & Co. watched a different speech than I did. Very confusing. Seriously, though, I’m always amused by how the Democrat Party sycophants on CNN and MSNBC, among others, can marvel about the “soaring” words of Joe Biden — Joe Biden — when the guy can barely put two sentences together, all while keeping a straight face.

Anyway, political correspondent Abby Phillip of course agreed with her colleagues, noting  that Biden insisted that “the purpose of our politics isn’t total, unrelenting warfare.” How do I put this tactfully? What a complete load of crap. Let’s fix Joe’s comment:

There, that’s better.

The reality of Biden’s campaign — and the foundational divisive rhetoric of today’s Democrat Party — was exactly class and race warfare. One need only remember his “You ain’t Black” admonition to Black America as a perfect example of a long list of divisive comments he made throughout his pathetic campaign, during most of which he either hid in his basement or pretended to hold rallies at which he awkwardly screamed words he was reading on teleprompter, before an audience of a few parked cars.


But I could be wrong. At least according to The Most Trusted Name in News™.

In other delusional election news, as I reported earlier today in an article titled Embattled Speaker Nancy Pelosi Slobbers All Over Biden’s Pretend ‘Tremendous Mandate, Nancy Pelosi was all kinds of delusional on Friday as she gushed over Biden’s pretend “tremendous mandate.”

As I was finishing this article, Fox News followed ABC News in declaring Biden the president-elect. As Yogi Berra famously said, it ain’t over til it’s over. Fasten your seat belts, folks — we’re going to need a bigger popcorn machine.


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