Chris Cuomo Loses It on Live TV After Trump Campaign Spox Eviscerates Him Over COVID Hypocrisy (Video)

As I wrote earlier, last night wasn’t a good one for the cast of characters on Jeff Zucker’s CNN.

Anchors Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon were visibly agitated over President Trump’s speech and Justice Clarence Thomas’ administering of the constitutional oath to Amy Coney Barrett, who had been confirmed by the Senate in a 52-48 vote shortly before the ceremony.


But between the two, Cuomo inarguably had the worst night, and we have tenacious Trump reelection campaign comms director Tim Murtaugh to thank for that.

During the second half-hour of Cuomo’s “Prime Time” program, the two got into a sparring match over who handled the coronavirus pandemic better or worse: President Trump or Cuomo’s brother Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY)?

Murtaugh more than held his own, pointing to the nursing home scandal and Chris Cuomo’s coddling of and running interference for his governor brother at the height of the pandemic in NY. He noted that, among other things, Trump had been more than helpful to Gov. Cuomo in giving him what he needed, including ventilators and a Navy hospital ship – the latter of which was barely used. Murtaugh even flashed a picture of the infamous “Q-tip” segment where the Cuomos joked about nose sizes as questions were being raised elsewhere by the families of New York’s nursing home victims.

Cuomo responded coldly by saying the segment was “funny as hell.”

Watch below as Murtaugh absolutely shreds Cuomo, and notice how “Fredo” Cuomo can barely suppress his anger and rage at anyone who would dare call out his Esquire-esque coverage of Gov. Cuomo as well as Gov. Cuomo’s atrocious handling of the pandemic for what it was:


The Trump campaign spokesman also laid into Cuomo over his quarantine and mask hypocrisy, pointing out how Cuomo broke quarantine in April after he tested positive for the coronavirus (Cuomo lied in response by denying he’d done so) and how Cuomo had also been caught on multiple occasions without a mask in spite of his obsession with forcing people to “wear the damn mask.”

And after calling Cuomo out on the fake basement emergence video, Murtaugh even got him to admit he got caught by his building manager “doing the wrong thing” by not wearing a mask as had been mandated by his brother (Tucker Carlson first broke that story last week).

Cuomo became more defensive as the heated back and forth went on, at one point accused Murtaugh of “mocking” his coronavirus illness. Murtaugh shot back by telling him it wasn’t about mocking him, it was about wanting to know why he held himself to one set of standards on pandemic safety than he did everyone else, including members of the Trump administration?



It was one of the most brutal takedowns of Chris Cuomo I have ever seen, and it was well-deserved – especially in light of the most recent report of him being spotted at a private members-only club without a mask.

Hey Chris, if it’s okay for you not to follow the rules your brother put in place, why should anyone else?

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