'That Was Fake': Tucker Carlson Destroys CNN and Chris Cuomo Over Phony 'Basement Emergence' Segment (Watch)

Chris Cuomo – screen grab via CNN.

Yesterday, my RedState colleague Brandon Morse wrote about how CNN’s Chris Cuomo tweeted dramatic video Monday night that had been filmed earlier in the day of him emerging from his basement as though it was his first time out since he was diagnosed with the Wuhan coronavirus a few weeks ago after ignoring his brother Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s advice on social distancing.


For those who missed it, here’s the clip:

As Brandon pointed out, the entire basement emergence segment was staged and fake, considering how hypocrite Cuomo had already been out of the basement a week prior to that filming. How do we know this? Because Cuomo admittedly broke his Wuhan coronavirus quarantine on Easter Sunday by venturing out to his under-construction East Hampton home with family members, where a fellow New Yorker called him out for breaking quarantine.

On his radio program the next day, Cuomo referred to the 65-year-old bicyclist who called him out as a “jackass, loser, fat-tire biker”, and also complained about his cushy CNN gig.

Tuesday night on his Fox News program, Tucker Carlson made it clear that he was not going to let CNN and Chris Cuomo get away with their fake news segment on the anchor emerging out of the basement, especially considering how many CNN anchors and reporters have made it a point to mock and/or lecture ‘stay at home’ protesters and others about how they’re allegedly endangering lives by not following CDC guidelines on social distancing and staying at home.


As Carlson called out Cuomo and CNN for the staged scene at Cuomo’s home, he also included clips of how often Cuomo talked about how he was “doin’ it super strict” by staying in the basement, and wondering about if this was “the new normal”, and making everyone think he was abiding by the strictest of containment rules. After showing those clips, Carlson alerted viewers to the fact that the scene of him emerging from the basement supposedly for the first time “like a buff cable news Lazarus” was phony. He then detailed how Cuomo admitted on his radio program to the Easter Sunday altercation between himself and the bicyclist who called him out.

Carlson finished by hammering this point home:

“That whole exchange [between the bicyclist and Cuomo] seems kind of unpleasant, but there is a scandal underneath it. Here you have a top CNN anchor who appears to have been ignoring the social distancing rules his network has been promoting and forcing on everyone else. It seems like he wasn’t telling the truth about staying quarantined in his basement, but you can’t be too mean. His own video was humiliating enough.”



Carlson also said the “jackass, loser, fat-tire biker” was welcome to appear on his show at any time. Stay tuned!

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