Meltdown City: CNN Covers Itself in Wrong Kind of Glory Over ACB's Constitutional Oath Ceremony

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Just as they did when news broke of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death in September, Democrats and their mainstream media allies went into full meltdown mode as Amy Coney Barrett took her constitutional oath at the White House earlier this evening shortly after being confirmed to the Supreme Court by the Senate in a 52-48 vote.


There was no better example of the meltdown mindset than on the set of CNN, where anchors Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon sat in pouty, sour-faced agitation over tonight’s proceedings.

Cuomo, who is also known as “Fredo” Cuomo in certain circles, spent a good majority of his time on-air not talking about ACB and what cases she will soon be facing on the high court, instead choosing to whine about how this event was supposedly dangerously irresponsible on the part of the Trump administration because – in his opinion – it could end up being another superspreader event like Amy Coney Barrett’s Rose Garden nomination ceremony allegedly was.

Here’s one clip from Cuomo’s program where he and White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins fretted over whether or not VP Mike Pence would be attending the ceremony in spite of the fact that several aides close to Pence had recently tested positive for the Wuhan virus. There was also much gnashing of the teeth and finger-wagging about who was and was not wearing masks, which is rather ironic when you consider both Collins’ and Cuomo’s glaring mask hypocrisy.



Appallingly, here was the chyron CNN ran during the opening minutes of Cuomo’s “Prime Time” broadcast:

Speaks volumes about the “seriousness” of CNN’s commitment to objective, respectable “journalism”, doesn’t it?

It didn’t get much better when his colleague Don Lemon took the reins for the 10 pm hour:

I should also note that CNN didn’t cover Trump’s speech at all tonight. They cut in only as Justice Thomas was administering the constitutional oath:


Needless to say, this wasn’t a good look at all for the Biden Apologist Network, as viewers of the network pointed out:


Though it was amusing in some ways to watch Cuomo and Lemon beclown themselves in spectacular fashion in their “crib” more so than normal, I would be remiss in not stating the obvious for those out there who before tonight might have needed more proof that CNN is not, I repeat NOT actually a news network before actually believing it:

Tonight’s cry-a-thon between Cuomo and Lemon should settle that debate once and for all.

Chief Justice John Roberts will officially administer the judicial oath to Barrett tomorrow. Expect the fireworks to only intensify.

Stay tuned…

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