Clown Show Update: CNN's Chris Cuomo Runs Interference for Brother in Interview With Discredited FL Data Tech

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“Prime Time” host Chris Cuomo, brother of NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) – screengrab via CNN.


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s epic smack down of the mainstream media last Wednesday over their blatantly biased Wuhan virus coverage of his state in comparison to New York has seriously triggered the cast of characters at CNN.


As I wrote Friday, CNN media firefighters Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter were all kinds of clutching pearls after DeSantis threw some truth bombs in response to a question from a reporter about whether or not the data Florida was using to justify their reopening had been massaged in any way to make their numbers look better than they actually were. Darcy’s and Stelter’s newsletter hot take went like this: “Stuck in his safe space: DeSantis hides on Fox.”

It was especially laughable when you consider how their news network has treated NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) and his disastrous response to the virus outbreak with pillow-plumping and kid gloves – and Q-tip props, as his brother Chris did the same day DeSantis lowered the boom on the media.

But in contrast to how Q-tip sizes were compared, laughs were shared, and no actual journalism took place during Chris Cuomo’s interview with his brother last week, CNN’s “Prime Time” anchor brought in another pathetic prop Friday for a more serious interview. The “prop” was discredited Florida data technician Rebekah Jones, who Cuomo interviewed in what was a clear attempt at making DeSantis look bad so his brother Andrew would look better by comparison:


Jones’ story has been debunked, but that didn’t stop Cuomo from bringing her on anyway and repeating Jones’s false interpretation of her own importance: “Jones says she spearhead the launch of Florida’s COVID-19 data portal. She says she was fired after she was quote ‘asked to manipulate, delete and hide data, and refused to do so.'” No snarky CNN chyron with a parenthetical, “She didn’t” on that one.

Cuomo asked Jones, “Do me two favors, one let’s keep it out of the weeds because data stuff gets dense really fast and let’s name no names because I haven’t had chance to get responses from all the players. Alright, so to be fair. So the simple question is, what exactly were you asked to do that was so unusual and improper, and in your opinion wrong?”

Jones responded by alleging that the numbers were altered to justify the pre-determined desire to reopen. In reality, the actual scientists, the ones CNN is always telling us to listen to, wanted to make sure it was accurate.

Later, as the segment came to an end, Cuomo asked Jones, “Would you want to go back there?” Jones replied, “No, not unless there is a change in leadership. No.” Of course, her open cyberstalking and cyber sexual harassment cases might render that point moot.


Read the full transcript of the “interview” at Newsbusters, and watch snippets from it below:

As Newsbusters correctly pointed out, Jones’s story has been debunked – and I mean thoroughly debunked. DeSantis only scratched the surface Wednesday. Click here for a very detailed write-up with tons of receipts on just how badly the media has gotten her story wrong in their quest to prove they were right all along about DeSantis’s Wuhan virus response (they weren’t).

CNN has stooped to a lot of new lows recently in their shoddy coverage of Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations against Biden, and Cuomo’s dueling interviews Wednesday with his brother and Friday with Jones confirms once again there is literally no low to which the network will not stoop in an effort to protect Joe Biden and get Trump. They know DeSantis is a Trump ally and Trump frequently references DeSantis as a success story on how his state has so far effectively combated the Wuhan virus.

Quite frankly, I believe Chris Cuomo should not be allowed to cover any stories related to how DeSantis and Cuomo have handled their respective state’s response to the Wuhan virus because he has shown that he cannot cover it objectively. There’s a clear conflict of interest. Not that “the most trusted name in news” cares.


The network knows if they can pin false allegations of data manipulation on DeSantis that it makes Trump look bad by extension – and Gov. Andrew Cuomo look better by extension, which, of course, also helps Biden. This is a blatant abuse of their news resources to paint multiple false political narratives because Orange Man Bad.


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