Some Heads Better Roll at the FBI and DOJ After the Project Veritas Document Leak

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I have been struggling for a while to justify the existence of the FBI.  After learning during the Trump Administration that the Department of Justice had been weaponized to investigate Trump as a means to generate a case that might derail his candidacy, I thought that the agency, to which I once applied for a career, had become a hollow shell of the J. Edgar days.  As stories were revealed about lovestruck FBI employees engaging in an affair that included text messages of their Shakespearian suicide pact to take down Trump, I figured that the media would turn on the FBI and discredit anything regarding that pending investigation as biased nonsense.  I mean, this had to be a bridge too far for even the liberal media, right?  But no, it wasn’t.


The media, in turn, weaponized it further, even to the point of Democrats considering impeachment charges against Trump for something that Trump insisted never happened.  Now, as Durham’s investigation allegedly draws to a close, it appears that the FBI and DOJ were engaged in what can only be described as sedition.  I mean, what else do you call inciting anger and violence against the duly elected President of the United States of America, right libs *wink*?

Except, this wasn’t 250 people who wanted to put their feet up on Nancy P’s desk.  This was a concerted effort from within the most powerful systems in our government to prevent the legitimate election of a President.  The FBI knowingly conducted an investigation using a dossier they knew to be false, and once that investigation turned up a big fat zip, besides that which falsifying documents against General Michael Flynn and Carter Page could produce, they then leaked all of that sweet, sweet treason to the press and Congress, leading to some of the most disgusting use of congressional resources in the 245-year storied history of our great nation.

As the story began to collapse faster than Hillary Clinton on a hot 9/11 day, it began to be clear:  Not only was Trump likely innocent of any and all claims he engaged in collusion with Russia, but the FBI had also engaged in some serious misconduct.  Then, the recent indictment against one of the Attorneys that represented the Clinton Campaign, showed without a doubt that the accusations went a little beyond just a massive screw-up. This was intentional.  This was a deliberate act.  This was potentially treason.  And for it, the FBI should get dragged harder than Hillary Clinton on a hot 9/11 day.


Things had to get better for the FBI, right? Wrong. We have found out that the FBI was involved in efforts to surveil particularly perturbed parents who may do something like **gasp** attend a school board meeting to **pearl clutch** voice their criticisms. I know, it sounds pretty serious. Maybe they were going to demand something like **back of hand in fainting motion to forehead** preventing sexual assault in school bathrooms. The FBI laughably tried to infiltrate an event in DC in September, and was discovered to have been at, and have witnessed on drone video, the entire shooting involving Kyle Rittenhouse, or in layman’s terms, conducting mass surveillance absent a single publicly stated goal. The video has been used in zero prosecutions of rioters. Funny how that happens. Remind me of the result of the investigation into Stephen Paddock? Oh… well then.

So why, you may ask, am I drudging up this list when I haven’t talked about Project Veritas? Simple.  It requires painting as thorough a picture as possible. The depth of this corruption is evidence alone of the level of trust we should place in the FBI and DOJ. So when the FBI engaged in some more self-discrediting by conducting blatantly illegal and likely unconstitutional raids on the homes of some Project Veritas staffers, they were already aware that public trust in their organization was at an all-time low.  It shouldn’t have to be explained that Project Veritas is a journalistic organization. Name a time when the government has ever raided a newspaper or news station. As journalists, they are allowed to maintain all confidences they choose, so long as that information is not going to be used to commit an act of violence on another person. Of course, the FBI was looking for some serious acts of violence, right? No, they were looking for the diary of Ashley Biden.


Just how wrong did they get these raids?  Well, a judge has already ordered them to cease all monitoring and collecting of information from Project Veritas devices. This suggests that whatever warrant was used in the raid was likely invalid as it was presented. This is super bad news for the FBI because O’Keefe has amassed himself several incredible legal victories, and I am sure he has a place on his wall above his fireplace for the mounting of the stuffed head of the FBI.  As a result of the massive and colossal disaster on the FBI’s hands, they immediately apologized and agreed to settle with Project Veritas another day, right?  Nope.  They made it way worse.

It was announced yesterday that the New York Times was in possession of documents from Project Veritas, (PV is currently suing the New York Times), which could have only come from three places, and two of the answers should lead to someone’s prosecution. Since we can be sure that Project Veritas didn’t leak their own documents to the NY Times, our remaining options are only the Department of Justice or again, the FBI.  Let’s be clear about what happened here.  A US Government law enforcement agency conducted an illegal and unconstitutional raid on a journalist and then handed documents recovered in that raid, over to a rival journalistic group.

Yet somehow, despite this ever-growing list of reasons we should completely ignore the FBI for the rest of eternity, we are supposed to believe that the same FBI, under no circumstances at all, whatsoever, had a single man on the ground at the Capitol on January 6th?  Drones over riots in Kenosha and infiltrating PTA meetings, but, nothing on January 6th?  Not as much as a sniff?  Not even after being tipped off to potential violence? The same FBI which crowdsourced their investigation into January 6th, all so they could throw some people in jail for what largely amounted to unauthorized touring? Just what exactly was the totality of the damage from January 6th?  You know, besides the only intentional death (at the hands of a government cop) of an unarmed woman.  Estimates are about 1.5 Million dollars.  Kenosha’s damage?  50 million, and the FBI has been involved in exactly how many prosecutions? To my knowledge, that answer remains zero.


Either the next several hundred investigations at Project Veritas just got fully funded, or the FBI is going to be excused for their KGB-style targeting tactics.  There have to be consequences at this point.  Dozens should lose their jobs, their pensions, and their freedoms. In exchange for the trust we extend to federal law enforcement, we should be guaranteed the absolute pinnacle of quality and unbiased action from those agencies.  The justice for violating that trust should be as strong, swift, and lasting as that which they are tasked with bringing to others.  There should be no more discussion about how to fix the FBI. It should be disbanded, along with a great deal of the Department of Justice, and not replaced until there are safeguards in place to prevent whatever successor agency or agencies, from engaging in similar tactics.  Enough is enough.  We have seen enough to justify taking that action, and yet more evidence supporting that reasoning continues to pile up every day. We need to see the action.  We need to see the consequences.  We need to see someone lose their job over something like this, but as is the case when this corruption occurs, you can never have faith in justice.

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