FBI Must Stop Data Extraction on James O'Keefe's Phones, per Judge's Order

(AP Photo/Vanessa Gera)

Project Veritas founder and Journalist James O’Keefe just received good news from the United States District Court of Southern New York.

His attorney Harmeet Dhillon tweeted this out:


District Court Judge Analisa Torres ordered that:

  • By November 12, 2021, the Government must confirm that it has paused its extraction and review of the contents of the O’Keefe’s phones;
  • By November 16, 2021, the Government must provide the Court with its response to Petitioners’ motion;
  • By November 19, 2021, O’Keefe reports back to the court the Government’s reply.

On November 4, the FBI raided the homes of Project Veritas journalists and former journalists, allegedly to retrieve Ashley Biden’s diary. The New York Times breathlessly reported the details, and once O’Keefe isolated the collusion between the FBI and the NY Times. Then, and only then, did O’Keefe call it out in a video posted Friday, November 5.


On November 6, O’Keefe was also subjected to an FBI raid, where they took his phones which contained his reporters notes, Project Veritas funding contacts, and other confidential information. The NY Times rushed to report this too.

After my VIP piece on the raiding of O’Keefe’s home and the attack on our First Amendment freedoms, one of our astute readers made the comment that the raid’s intention was less about Ashley Biden’s diary, and more to get to O’Keefe phones, which held his story notes and details on future investigations. Another reader pointed out that the FBI could also be looking to plant things on O’Keefe’s phones that were not there previously.

YES and YES, which is among the many reasons why Dhillon acted quickly to get it before a judge. She succeeded in her efforts.

We will look toward those dates to see what action (if any) has been taken by the FBI to restore O’Keefe’s property.




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