No, Trump Did Not Get An 'Orderly Transition'

Over the last couple of weeks, we have heard a chorus from the left and the media about how Trump is denying Biden an “orderly transition.”  As time progresses that chant is only getting stronger as they left demands an immediate acknowledgment of the potential election results and a passing of the baton to Biden.


Let’s start our refutation by showing that Trump was already a target of the DOJ before he was even elected.  This is not up for debate or discussion.  It is a statement of fact.  Trump’s election, transition, and subsequent administrative action has been under constant, unrelenting attack from the left.  There has not been a single moment of Trump’s Presidency that he has ever been given the benefit of the doubt, a hand-up, or so much as a Kudos from the media or Democrats.

Sure, there was an “orderly transition” while the Obama’s played “gracious hosts” to then-President-Elect Trump, welcoming Trump with open arms in public, while sharpening their knives in private.  We know that Obama had been briefed on the DOJ’s and Intelligence Community’s action in investigating Trump.  We know that Clapper, Brennan, Strozk, Page, and others knew about the investigation, often bypassing law and standard operating procedures to establish their “case.”  They abused their power, unlawfully filed for warrants, glossed over questionable and unreliable sources, and even resorted to lying about the contents of interviews before Trump ever took office.  They pushed a narrative to the media that they (as has since been revealed) already knew wasn’t true.  They made accusation after accusation of misconduct and illegal behavior absent any proof.  They demanded further investigation and testimony into their unfounded accusations and called any lack of cooperation, stonewalling, and the actions of the guilty.


This offensive lasted from before Trump’s election, literally through the current election, and now the left wants to demand an “orderly transition” of power to a President whom they have questioned the legitimacy of, for no less than 4 years?  Excuse me, but no.  If the very worst that Trump does is delay during legal challenges and recounts (which mind you, could determine that Trump is still President) then he still will be exponentially better than the left.

This “rules for thee but not for me” form of messaging from the media and the political left is nothing more than gaslighting.  We dealt with “scandal” after “scandal” for four years, all of which were made absent evidence, corroborating witnesses, or any of the other means of proof of their case, and NOW they want us to revert to the days of old.  Sorry, but no.  You don’t get to pretend like recent history didn’t occur to demand a level of treatment above which you provided during that history.  It is not only insulting but also condescending.  Forgive me, but you’ll have to peddle this garbage to someone else.



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