Hunter Biden Exposes Joe on Big Falsehood About China During Plea Hearing

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I can forget when Joe Biden told this huge whopper about Hunter and the Biden business dealings with China during his debate with President Donald Trump.


Hunter “has not made money in terms of this thing about — what are you talking about — China.”

Not only was that not true, but Biden then tried to attack Trump and say he was the one making money from China.

We’ve been reporting for years now about Hunter’s dealings with China. We reported how he made millions, and that not only did Hunter make money, but other Bidens did as well.

Indeed, as Tony Bobulinski — the guy the Bidens picked for CEO of the company they intended to form — said, Joe himself was supposed to get “10 percent for the big guy” in the proposed construct.

Joe Biden even called Hunter Biden in 2018 to talk with him about him being “clear” when it came to a New York Times story about his Chinese connections.

But sure, Joe never talked about business with his son and knew nothing about the money he got from China. Let’s just ignore all those facts.


Now, however, not only has Joe Biden been exposed by all the facts showing that was false, but he’s even been done in by his son Hunter, based on what he said during the plea hearing. We’ve detailed some of the highlights in the transcript of the hearing, and you can see the plea and diversion agreement here that show what a sweetheart deal it was.

Hunter told the judge how much he’d made in 2017 from the Chinese as a result of a company he formed, Hudson West.

Prosecutors said in their proposed plea agreement with Hunter that he received $664,000 from a “Chinese infrastructure investment company,” according to the official court transcript.

Hunter then confirmed to the judge that he earned $664,000 from a company he formed in 2017 with the chairman of the CCP-backed CEFC.

“I started a company [in 2017] called Hudson West, your Honor, and my partner was associated with a Chinese energy company called CEFC,” Hunter said.

“Who was your partner?” the court asked.

“I don’t know how to spell his name, Yi Jianming is the chairman of that company,” Hunter responded.

“$664,000 from a Chinese infrastructure investment company — is that one of the companies we’ve already talked about?” the judge continued.

“I believe so, yes, your Honor,” he said, before adding, “I believe CEFC.”


It was Ye Jianming. But that directly contradicts Joe Biden’s claim during the debate.

Not only was that claim in 2020 false, but Biden repeated the claim that it was “not true” when he was questioned earlier this year about the news that payments had been funneled to members of the Biden family, including Hunter, through Hunter’s business associate, Rob Walker.

You can see him, completely taken aback, even backing up, as though he can’t believe that they might have the evidence.

But now his son himself has done Joe in. And he can backpedal all he likes, but he can’t erase that.



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