Biden Business Associate Tony Bobulinski Drops Another Bomb Right Before Debate

Former Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski pretty much blew the story wide open Wednesday night when he confirmed that yes, Joe Biden was actually very involved in Hunter Biden’s business deals and that Joe Biden wasn’t telling us the truth when he claimed he never talked to Hunter about his business.


Here’s his statement.

Bobulinski verified that the “big guy” in the Hunter Biden email who got 10% in the deal with a Chinese energy firm was Joe Biden. Bobulinski said he turned over documents to the Senate Homeland Security Committee yesterday. He also explained Hunter & Joe Biden’s brother James Biden, aggressively leveraged their family name to secure foreign business deals.

But it gets worse for Joe Biden.

Not only did President Donald Trump invite Tony Bobulinski to the debate as his guest, as we reported, but Bobulinski made a statement before the debate that has to give Biden, who has been in hiding for days to escape the furor of the scandal, a lot to worry about.

Oh, my, this is something else.


He also said that he would be turning over everything to the FBI and he would be speaking to Sen. Ron Johnson’s committee.


Not only does this put paid to any efforts by media or Democrats to dismiss the information as fake or disinformation, but this shows the Dems and a lot of the media almost covered up incredibly important information like this in order to try to help Biden and now it’s all blowing open.

The FBI has already said this isn’t disinformation. But now Joe Biden is going to have to worry about what the FBI might now discover and pursue with regard to the evidence that Bobulinski has.

One has to think that that’s going to have Democrats doing all they can to spin cover for Biden. But it’s becoming a very simple thing for Americans to understand and too much for media to be able to tamp down and cover up.


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