Biden Delivers More Delusion, Shakes Hands With the Air During Visit With KC Chiefs

Joe Biden shakes hands with air and the Kansas City Chiefs. (Credit: RNC Research)

If you check out Joe Biden’s public schedule, most of the time it’s incredibly light.

Typically, it lists the Daily Briefing (where he’s apprised of intelligence and things like that) at 10 a.m. He doesn’t get to in to “work” generally before 10 a.m. Then maybe there’s one ceremonial event of some type that won’t tax him very much before it gets too late in the day for him.


So a June 5 meeting with a world leader would probably be considered a “heavy” work day for him, which is a pretty sad thing to say. Notice all the action (such as it is) doesn’t start early or run late, with the gathering with the Kansas City Chiefs being at 4.30 p.m.

Reports have indicated his team tries to schedule things in that way so as not to tire him out. Translation: they don’t want us to see and understand the nature of how deep Biden’s problems are.

Too late, though. We’ve already seen it and they can’t hide it.

Even in the few minutes of perfunctory remarks during the photo-op meeting with the Denmark prime minister, he needed note cards, which is pretty sad.

Then came Joe’s visit from the Kansas City Chiefs. Because you know when it comes to football, we’re about to enter the fantasy life of Joe Biden, the great football star (that never was).

First, Biden tried to make what I think was supposed to be a joke about his wife Jill’s favoring the Philadelphia Eagles. The Chiefs beat them 38-35 in February in the Super Bowl.


He said that if she weren’t overseas, “the way the game ended, I might be in for a rough night.” That was pretty weird, does he think the game just happened?

Then he went on to talk about his college football “career.” Because he always has to be somehow connected to whoever the group he’s talking to, whether they’re football players or truck drivers, he’s one of them.

He said that he played freshman football at the University of Delaware until his mother made him quit because his grades were 2.99, then he corrected it to 1.99. Yikes, no wonder Hunter is the smartest man he knows.

That first part may be true. But the second part is where he starts to get into trouble and starts conflicting with the prior stories that he’s told.

He claims that he then went out again for the team in “junior, senior year” and played defensive back. Yet that contradicts his prior stories where he said that he gave up his “starting job” [that there’s no evidence he ever had] on the team to court his first wife. But now, he says he played “defensive back.”

That varies from what he said in November when he claimed he could have been an “All American” when he played “flanker back” (which is a receiver position). Now, leaving out how it’s not even clear if he could have made the team beyond freshman football, he now says he played defensive back. So was he on the defense or the offense, or doesn’t he even know? Or doesn’t it matter when you’re making things up in your head?


During the event, he also had a moment where he had to ask, “What am I doing,” as he tried to figure out what to do next.

Then he appeared to have that strange thing where he was trying to shake an imaginary person’s hand or shake the air. I’m not sure what was going on here, and I don’t think the Chiefs knew either.

He did ultimately end up shaking a few real hands.

This is the guy the Democrats are putting up for 2024, and that’s a disgrace.


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