Fearmongering for Votes: Democrats' Narrative of White Supremacist Terrorism

President Joe Biden recently gave a commencement speech at Howard University, a historically black college (HBCU), in which he took a rather curious approach to addressing the crowd of graduates preparing for the next stage of their lives. Instead of giving a rousing and inspiring speech to motivate these black graduates to be their best selves, he decided it was best to paint a dark and bleak picture of their future.

The president’s speech harkened back to comments he made in front of another black crowd in 2012 when he claimed Republicans wanted to “put y’all back in chains.”

Instead of telling these youngsters that they could be whatever they wanted to be in America, he told them that “The most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy.”

Biden also falsely claimed that “this very university and HBCUs across the country” face constant “bomb threats.”

He also took a jab at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, claiming that “black history is being erased” and that Republicans are working to deny black Americans the “right to vote.”

Terris Todd, Advisor for Coalitions Engagement at The Heritage Foundation, was in attendance at the event. He wrote an op-ed for the Daily Signal in which he described Biden’s speech as politically driven and filled with divisive rhetoric. He pointed out that the president’s speech was meant to instill fear and hopelessness in the graduates, rather than inspiring them for a brighter future.

He wrote:

I sat in the crowd with thousands of beautiful families waiting to hear a message of inspiration, hope, and a brighter future like I would expect to hear at any commencement speech in America. Instead, sitting in the audience at the historically black Howard University, the graduates, their families, and I heard a message from the president of the United States laced with divisive rhetoric and political narratives that cast a dark shadow over our country.

Later in the piece, Todd notes that Biden’s speech “will no doubt leave many of the graduates in fear of certain of their fellow Americans and hopeless about the possibilities for their future in this country.”

Ironically enough, the author pointed out what most African Americans know: White supremacist terrorism is not the greatest threat to their safety and well-being. “If we were to ask black Americans what they believe are the greatest threats to their livelihood and their local communities, I can guarantee you they would not say that white supremacy was at the top of their list,” Todd wrote.

So what was Biden’s objective in giving such a dark speech on what is supposed to be one of the happiest days in the lives of the graduates?

In recent years, the issue of white supremacist terrorism has gained significant attention in the United States. The FBI and Department of Homeland Security have warned, without evidence, that right-wing white supremacist violence is the most pernicious threat to national security.

Biden’s motives are clear. Democrats and members of the activist media are constantly leveraging the supposed threat of white supremacist terrorism to create a sense of fear and vulnerability among minority communities, thereby positioning themselves as the only solution to protect them. By amplifying the narrative of white supremacist violence, Democrats can rally support from these communities, asserting that their policies and ideology are the key to ensuring safety and security.

What is even more insidious about this reality is the Democratic Party’s advocacy for stricter gun control measures. While such policies are often framed as efforts to prevent violence, critics argue that they disproportionately impact minority communities, hindering their ability to defend themselves against various threats, including gang and drug violence. Indeed, I’ve written extensively about how the left’s favorite gun licensing schemes and other restrictions make it harder for blacks and Hispanics, who arguably need them the most, to obtain the means by which they can defend themselves.

Black and Hispanic communities are, unfortunately, more likely to experience the devastating consequences of gang-related crime. However, critics argue that Democrats often overlook or downplay this reality, failing to implement effective strategies to combat gang violence and address the root causes that contribute to these issues. Even further, Biden and company want black people to believe they are at risk for being targeted by white supremacists waiting behind every tree with a rope. If this were actually true, why wouldn’t they want racial minorities to be able to protect their lives and property?

The answer is that Democrats want minorities to be more dependent on the government and not themselves. They want blacks and Hispanics to view the government, under leftist control, to rely on the state to protect them. It is already clear that the government cannot protect the thousands of black and Hispanic folks who are victimized by gang and drug violence, which kills far more than white supremacist terrorism.

The Democratic Party is exploiting fears of white supremacist violence to solidify support within minority communities and position themselves as the sole protectors against this threat. It is the only reason leftists even bring the subject up in the first place.


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