Peter Doocy Holds WH's Feet to Fire and Catches Them Lying Again on Chinese Payout to Bidens

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White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is constantly ducking questions.

But on Wednesday, Fox’s Peter Doocy asked her the big question about the pass-through payout of over a million dollars from a Chinese energy company through Hunter Biden’s business associate to at least three members of the Biden family. She must have been upset and/or not anticipating the question because the questions threw her out of her normal “I’m not going to answer, ask some other agency” mode.


“House Oversight has bank records showing a Chinese energy company paying three Biden family members,” Doocy asked. “What were they paid for?”

Jean-Pierre starts with her routine of “we’re not going to get into it” but then she tried out new talking points, saying that we’ve heard “lies” from the Republicans for “years, and years and years.”

“I don’t even know where to begin,” she claimed because it’s been “lies, and lies and inaccuracies for the past couple of years” and “I’m just not going to get into it from here.”

Um, now, you’re lying about lying. Check the mirror, I think that’s some projection there, KJP. I think what she meant is that we’ve heard lies for years and years from Joe Biden on the issue. Joe Biden has claimed over and over again that he never spoke to his son about his business dealings. We’ve seen that was a lie.


But, as I wrote earlier today, there are damning newly discovered emails that the America First Legal team obtained pursuant to a request to the National Archives, not only was Joe Biden lying, but these new emails show how deep the communication was between Hunter’s business partner and Joe Biden’s vice presidential staff. They coordinated in 2015 to deal with the Burisma questions and talked about leaning on the press to not run stories that might be negative. Using staff to help defend his son is improper, plus it shows disturbing coordination with Hunter’s business partner.

But on top of that, the GOP, as Doocy noted, has the receipts when it comes to the Chinese payout.

The House Oversight Committee has the bank records that they subpoenaed from Rob Walker that shows the payout to at least three Biden members and a fourth unnamed Biden account, and that’s just what the Committee has so far in one transaction. They have a lot more that they are still going through.

They just got access to the suspicious activity reports from the Treasury and the chair of the Committee James Comer mentioned at least 11 other deals that they are looking into in addition to that Chinese payout in question that raises questions about what Joe Biden might have done to have them pay out that kind of money just after he left the vice presidency.


“I don’t know where to begin,” Jean-Pierre said. She surely doesn’t at this point. Because they’re completely up a creek without a paddle on this one. How are they going to refute the Chinese payout records? They can’t seem to get their talking points straight on the issue, and Joe Biden got caught on the issue claiming it “wasn’t true” as well. Doocy hasn’t even gotten to the information I wrote about earlier today from America First Legal.

That’s damning, showing Biden lied and his office was acting like an arm of the Hunter Biden defense team. Look for that tomorrow, hopefully, he lays that at KJP’s feet in the next briefing.


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